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Best of Madrid: Federica & Co.


Federica & Co. is a new type of project here in Madrid.  It consists of several shops and items smattered about a little courtyard.  They call it a concept store, I call it fabulous.

The space is a beautiful courtyard which seems worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.  You stroll in and start to see flowers and gardening objects, wine and picnic baskets.  There are many shops in the space, one of them being Federica & and Co. and the others being Mimoki, Yellow & Stone, Charlotte and Ma., Ana Corsini, Sister Jane, The Flying Cow, and Brumalis and the occasional pop up shop.  Until next week the pop up shop is Stella Rittwagen.

Yellow&Stone shirts

Yellow&Stone shirts

Delicious Chilean Wine from Federica & Co.

Delicious Chilean Wine from Federica & Co.


Pop Up Shop Stella Rittwagen makes some amazing bags!

Pop Up Shop Stella Rittwagen makes some amazing bags!


Federica and Co. offers cooking classes Mon-Thurs from 8:30-12:30.  The occasional wine tastings are offered as well. Within the shops you can purchase wine, kitchen and cooking items, flowers, gardening items, clothes, accessories, childrens clothes and more.

Wine tasting, sign me UP

Wine tasting, sign me UP

This special space is unlike any other.  I suggest stopping in for a visit as soon as possible.

Federica & Co.


Federica & Co.

Hermosilla 26 · 28001 Madrid
Tel. 91 431 94 77



How to Dress for a ´Fake Spring´

I don´t know about all of you but I am ready and waiting for spring to arrive.  The past week here in Madrid it´s been raining and cold and I am so sick of my winter wardrobe! So I was thinking…how can I brighten up my wardrobe for spring but still keep warm as it´s not ´spring´weather yet?

My solution to this is: colorful jeans or pants.  You will not only be perfectly in style, but the bright color will set off your spring fever even though the weather has not caught up yet!

My suggestion for colorful pants is heading over to Zara.  I was just there and they have an array of colored jeans, including but not limited to: hot pink, pale pink, light orange, mint, red, and yellow.


During the weekend I tested my colorful pants theory with my BF on a dinner date.  It´s true-even though it poured down rain, I felt spring-ish and happy while still being warm as the wind whipped around me wearing my bright red pants.

Where to Buy: Top from Next in England, Red Pants from Zara, Shoes are Christian Louboutins from Saks in NYC, Ring from Parfois

G-Star Raw Women´s Night Event

This Thursday, October 27th, G-Star Raw will be hosting a special event at two separate El Corte Ingles locations in Madrid, one on Preciados and the other Castellana.  There will also be an event held Friday night in Barcelona. The event will feature fashion tricks and the newest trends and help fitting and finding the perfect pair of jeans.  Print a copy of the invitation (go to the Glamour España website to get your invite) and you´ll have the opportunity to get a free MAC makeover during the event.  More details below, including the exact addresses of the Corte Ingles locations. Enjoy!



Street Style: Vogue Fashion Night Out

This year´s Fashion Night Out in Madrid was a huge success, in my opinion. The streets were packed tight with fashionistas, photographers, models, bloggers, and just cool Madrileños, dressed to the nines! We stopped in several stores, including Escada, Miu Miu, Tiffany´s, etc, but my absolute favorite part was simply walking around and seeing the fabulousness that surrounded me. People in Madrid have such an authentic, and interesting style. I just love seeing what people put together almost more than seeing the new fall designer lines. Fashion after all…is what´s on the street!

I of course didn´t get as many photos as I would have liked of Madrileñas dressed fashionably.  It was just so crowded- I would see a great outfit, and it was gone in a flash. However, I do have a sampling below of friends and I, and some amazing fashionable people I found along the way. Enjoy!

Lori and Elise…ready to rock (please note am wearing my shoe soulmates, the JC´s)

Elise and Norma, looking fine!

Lauren, looking bright and beautiful

A fashionable crowd, waiting to enter YSL

Ana, Aitor, Lori, Elise and Norma

Gorgeous young lady in Miu Miu…absolutely LOVE her bright blue palazzo pants!

Ana and Aitor…am loving the red on Ana!

Lori and the Miu Miu fall coats

Some fabulous Madrileñas…looking extremely high fashion, am LOVING the wide leg pant…esp with the with paisley print

Champagne (better than breakfast!) at Tiffany´s-Ana, Lori, Melina

Norma Duval, famous Spanish actress doing an interview in Punt Roma Clothing Store

Me with Pilar and Rocio, creators of Oh my Blog.  These girls were so sweet, I loved chatting with them and they both, of course being fashion bloggers, looked absolutely fabulous!

Style Watch: Dresses

Everytime I see this lovely lady I am obsessed with whatever she´s wearing! I love the detailing on the top of her dress.  Looking fantastic Miss Erin!

Closeup of detailing on top

Style…the Las Vegas way!

I recently went to Las Vegas and I am a firm believer it´s one of the most entertaining places in this world!  I can´t really spend more than 2 days-nights there without dying, because I have a bad habit of going ALL out and then melting down, but if you don´t really sleep you can do a lot in 48 hours.

Now onto the good stuff…I dont really consider Las Vegas a typical fashion city, you see a lot of hick tourists or the complete opposite, skanky girls with huge ta-ta´s running around in racy clothes…not high fashion, in my opinion. However there is something to be said about bringing out the ´Vegas´in your own personal style, aka taking your own style and throwing something a little more daring out there, a shorter hemline, a lower cut top, a brighter color…why…??? BECAUSE it´s VEGAS BABY!!!

A few fashion highlights from my Vegas trip!

First, Vegas helps me to break out of my typical LBD and put on some color.  Some brights shown below, from left to right, Claire, Claudia, Lori, Norma

I loved the back of this dress! Not sure I would were it any place else but Vegas, but it was PERFECT for a night out at Marquee in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  I bought the dress for just 18 dollars at a second hand shop in Tucson, Arizona.

For guys…they have to wear pants and shoes to enter the nightclubs…but it´s hot out!  I think it was about 110 F or 40 something C each day…so white is a great color for guys, and white linen-even better!  Check out my favorite men, Brian and Jorge below in white (next to lovely ladies Lori and Claire)

Go to Vegas, boss up your wardrobe, and have fun!

Escaparate of the Week: Zara

I adore Zara´s current window display.  It really gives off a great interpretation of summer, which is wonderful.  Most of the other shops are filled with brights and stripes and summer colors, which is definitely summer but I really enjoyed what Zara did with their window display, it´s different and elegant but still reads summer!  Zara shows us we can still wear black, even in summer! (Whew).


Calle Conde de Peñalver, Madrid