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More Rebajas Favorites

I knew I couldn’t stay away from such good sales for long!  I stopped into Lefties today and had amazing luck.  I was excited also because I have been waiting to get a pair of Tom’s in the USA and I got these cheapie imitations to hold me over until I arrive!

IMG_6221 Lefties Rebajas1 Lefties Rebajas2 Lefties Rebajas3 Lefties Rebajas4

Prices: Black Dress, 7.99, Tank 9.99, Long Sleeved with Mesh 9.99, Shoes 9.99 (what a steal! #heartrebajas)


Ask Lori: How do I Look Fabulous on the Beach?

Summer is coming!  I can´t wait and in anticipation, I pulled together some fun fabulous looks for my trip to the Canary Islands, since the weather was summery and beautiful there.

The key to beach dressing and looking fabulous is floaty, fun, bright, patterned and of course, keeping it casual.  Floaty dresses, scarves, yellows, pinks, and greens, and even denim can work when done the right way.

Tips: Try to put fun combos together.  Summer is all about that carefree attitude, so don´t take anything too seriously.  Make sure not to look too coiffed or overdone.  Dress up a basic outfit with chunky sunglasses, a bangle, or a hat.  For hair, beachy waves or a messy braid are great.  Blowout: not neccessary!

I hope you enjoy the pics of my friends and I and I hope they provide some inspiration for your summer looks on how to look fabulous on the beach!

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New Spring Purchases

With the annual girls beach trip looming in the near future, I knew I needed to pick up a few spring/summer essentials. I really haven´t felt much like shopping for spring as it´s been pretty cold and rainy here in Madrid but I finally decided it was time and hit up the giant Lefties on Gran Via.

Goal in mind:  swimsuit, some shirts, possibly some sandals, anything cute and beachy

Budget: 80 euros.

I am happy to report back that not only did I stay within budget, I got EVERYTHING I wanted and more.   The most important thing I wanted was the swimsuit.  I like spending less money on swimsuits and having more of them.  I know the quality isn´t great, but i actually really like buying new ones every summer.  It´s a fun change up.  Plus I am a beach lover, for example this August I will be at the beach alllll summer and I want to have lots of options.

My swimsuit ( 16 euros)

Swimsuit Lefties

Yay! My new swimsuit


Then I got a cute pair of chunky black wedges.  They looked great with cuffed jeans when I tried them on in the store, and I have no doubt they will also look fab with a dress or shorts.

My chunky black wedges (26 euros)

Black Wedges

Afterwards I got a couple solid linen/cotton blend tanks. I adore linen and I think it´s a comfortable, light summer fabric.  Each summer I like to buy a few new solid color tanks, especially white  ones, as they fade and tend to be overworn.  Plus these can be worn with anything as they are super basic, and be tucked in or out.

Tanks (6 euros each)

Linen tanks

I also got this white tank with a cool Indian print.  It will look fab with some denim shorts.

Indian Print Tank (8 euros each)

Indian Print Tank

Finally my fun purchase of the day.   I have been wanting a light, comfortable pair of patterned pants for awhile now and I finally found the perfect pair.  They are extremely versatile and can be worn with heels, flats, tanks, tees, etc.  I also think they will be very comfortable for plane travel, which I do excessively in the summer.

Patterned Pants (18 euros)

Patterend Pants Closeup

Total price: approx 80 euros, within budget!

Hope you guys like my low cost spring/summer finds and I hope they inspire you to get shopping and buy yourself some  new spring updates!


Spring Shopping: Zipper Shirt

Every spring, I usually try to find a few shirts that are not t-shirts neccesarily, but are short sleeved and casual and slightly dressier than your average t-shirt.  This week I can dress them down with jeans and flats and dress them up with heels to go out.  I found this cute t-shirt with birds on it from Lefties for just 13 euros.   There is a small zipper pocket on the front and a zipper in the back by the neckline.  I think zippers modernize an otherwise classic or even boring shirt, so I really like them.

Front View

Things I LOVE: Chapter 8

REBAJAS! Yes, it´s that time of year when everything goes on sale in Spain.  Last week I purchased this shirt at Zara for just 12.99 euros, which is a steal considering it´s silk.  It also came in red and green, but I picked blue. It´s great because it can be dressed up or down, I can wear it with skinny jeans, tuck it into a high waisted skirt, or wear it with shorts or leggings.  LOVE!


Fabric Close Up

Around Town: Madrid Nightlife Style

One of the greatest things about living in Madrid is just simply seeing how people dress for work, for casual, and of course, for a night out of fun.  See what I found on a typical night out at Serrano 41, a club in Madrid.

When I asked to take a pic of these two girls, they politely asked me if I could speak English!  Hurrah!  I asked them where they where from and I THINK they said Poland…it was loud in there!  Regardless of nationality, I love their style, brights make summer fun.

Speaking of brights…bright, standout shoes were an absolute staple:

If it wasn´t brights…hardware and fringe made for standout shoes!

This girl looked super cute, loved the touch the bright, turqoise purse adds.

More to come on Madrid Street Fashion!

Escaparate of the Week: H&M

H&M has updated their winter window display, showing a lot of trendy knitwear at very affordable prices.  See below for the the window at  H&M on Conde Peñalver in Madrid.

I am not sure how I feel about the rainbow tights look but I love the gray sweater, chunky scarves and legwarmers!