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Summer Essentials: The White Bikini

Even though the weather isn´t at summer temps, and it´s barely sunny at all here in Madrid, I am thinking about my upcoming summer, especially my month in Italy on the beach, and I know I am going to need a lot of summer essentials. When I am thinking of summer beach essentials…beach hats, check, cover ups check, shorts check, tops check, sundresses check, cute wedges and gladiator sandals check…swimsuits…you can never have enough!

I  recently bought a new bikini at Lefties earlier this spring for my Canary Islands trip, but I absolutely cannot resist a fabulous white bikini!  White is amazing because no matter how pale you are, a stark white bikini will always be whiter than you, therefore making you seem tan and glowy by default.   I saw this one in H&M and knew it was made for me.

The cool thing, the embellished charm on the top is actually an Italian symbol to protect against the ¨evil eye¨(an ancient Italian legend about evil in your lives).  So of course why not have this symbol with me during my month on the  beach in Italy? I consider it fate.

Anyway here is the bikini pictured below!

White H&M Bikini top

H&M White Bikini Bottom

White H&M Bikini


Beyonce ¨ Mrs. Carter¨for H&M

After seeing the fabulous ¨Mrs. Carter¨tour in Milan last weekend (recap to come shortly!)  I knew I had to post on her fabulous and very reasonably priced swimwear line for H&M.

The suits are cute, sexy and fun and stay within H&M´s normal price range, which I think is great!  The images are gorgeous, and they show young women what real curves are allllll about-no stick figure skinny models here!

Her billboards are plastered throughout Europe so I think the line has been highly advertised-better stop in and grab your suit before they sell out!

Beyonce HM 1 Beyonce HM 2 Beyonce HM 3 Beyonce HM 4 Beyonce HM 5

Ask Lori: How do I Look Fabulous on the Beach?

Summer is coming!  I can´t wait and in anticipation, I pulled together some fun fabulous looks for my trip to the Canary Islands, since the weather was summery and beautiful there.

The key to beach dressing and looking fabulous is floaty, fun, bright, patterned and of course, keeping it casual.  Floaty dresses, scarves, yellows, pinks, and greens, and even denim can work when done the right way.

Tips: Try to put fun combos together.  Summer is all about that carefree attitude, so don´t take anything too seriously.  Make sure not to look too coiffed or overdone.  Dress up a basic outfit with chunky sunglasses, a bangle, or a hat.  For hair, beachy waves or a messy braid are great.  Blowout: not neccessary!

I hope you enjoy the pics of my friends and I and I hope they provide some inspiration for your summer looks on how to look fabulous on the beach!

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New Spring Purchases

With the annual girls beach trip looming in the near future, I knew I needed to pick up a few spring/summer essentials. I really haven´t felt much like shopping for spring as it´s been pretty cold and rainy here in Madrid but I finally decided it was time and hit up the giant Lefties on Gran Via.

Goal in mind:  swimsuit, some shirts, possibly some sandals, anything cute and beachy

Budget: 80 euros.

I am happy to report back that not only did I stay within budget, I got EVERYTHING I wanted and more.   The most important thing I wanted was the swimsuit.  I like spending less money on swimsuits and having more of them.  I know the quality isn´t great, but i actually really like buying new ones every summer.  It´s a fun change up.  Plus I am a beach lover, for example this August I will be at the beach alllll summer and I want to have lots of options.

My swimsuit ( 16 euros)

Swimsuit Lefties

Yay! My new swimsuit


Then I got a cute pair of chunky black wedges.  They looked great with cuffed jeans when I tried them on in the store, and I have no doubt they will also look fab with a dress or shorts.

My chunky black wedges (26 euros)

Black Wedges

Afterwards I got a couple solid linen/cotton blend tanks. I adore linen and I think it´s a comfortable, light summer fabric.  Each summer I like to buy a few new solid color tanks, especially white  ones, as they fade and tend to be overworn.  Plus these can be worn with anything as they are super basic, and be tucked in or out.

Tanks (6 euros each)

Linen tanks

I also got this white tank with a cool Indian print.  It will look fab with some denim shorts.

Indian Print Tank (8 euros each)

Indian Print Tank

Finally my fun purchase of the day.   I have been wanting a light, comfortable pair of patterned pants for awhile now and I finally found the perfect pair.  They are extremely versatile and can be worn with heels, flats, tanks, tees, etc.  I also think they will be very comfortable for plane travel, which I do excessively in the summer.

Patterned Pants (18 euros)

Patterend Pants Closeup

Total price: approx 80 euros, within budget!

Hope you guys like my low cost spring/summer finds and I hope they inspire you to get shopping and buy yourself some  new spring updates!


Things I LOVE: Chapter 11

Everyone can always use a solid beach coverup.  Dayaday has a great selection of several-this being one of many!

I love the black and white snakey pattern and the fact it has longer sleeves, it´s different and original.

Closeup of pattern

Dayaday Store Locations  (In case you want to buy one!)

Things I LOVE: Chapter 9

In the realm of Spanish fashion designers, I would have to say one of my favorites is Andres Sarda. I´m an avid follower of his swim collections and some of my picks are below.

My fave, although I don´t understand how people don´t get weirdo tan lines in these…

I have a thing for white swimsuits

The bandeau style is big this summer

Spanx Swimsuits

Spanx has been a favorite of mine since way back to my NYC days.  Spanx makes pantyhose and shapewear that you wear under your clothes to basically suck you and slim you.  Even the skinniest of us still have SKIN so sometimes this helps even those who are very thin just look smoother and longer.

The good news is NOW they are making swimsuits.  Although I am more of a bikini girl myself, (I´ve sort of adopted that European viewpoint of…´doesn´t matter what I look like: less is always more at the beach´) I know that many out there will benefit from Spanx special power swimsuits!  The suits are magical but expensive, they run from about 100-200 USD. For more info visit their website:

Spanx Swimwear

SIDE NOTE: using shapewear does not mean you are fat! Tons of celebs have admitted to loving Spanx and wear it regularly, especially for it´s smoothing effort.  Being a petite girl, I must say I LOVE the effect Spanx has on me, its truly fabulous whether you are a big girl, or not!