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New Boots!

I never thought I would be excited for the cooler weather to come, but I just bought a new pair of super cute ankle boots which are making me crave boot weather!  I shouldn´t be worried…the cold will arrive soon enough!  Anyway these boots are so fabulous, they have a gold low heel and they are black suede.

Gold Boots

Gold Boots


More Rebajas Favorites

I knew I couldn’t stay away from such good sales for long!  I stopped into Lefties today and had amazing luck.  I was excited also because I have been waiting to get a pair of Tom’s in the USA and I got these cheapie imitations to hold me over until I arrive!

IMG_6221 Lefties Rebajas1 Lefties Rebajas2 Lefties Rebajas3 Lefties Rebajas4

Prices: Black Dress, 7.99, Tank 9.99, Long Sleeved with Mesh 9.99, Shoes 9.99 (what a steal! #heartrebajas)

Rebajas Favorites

I usually have more luck in summer rebajas than in winter so I was really looking foward to checking out Mango and Zara today.  I am only posting my two favorite purchases, but there will probably be more to come soon.  I was thrilled because sometimes I get good stuff at rebajas but it’s not dirt cheap.  But what I found was not only awesome but dirt cheap!  My lucky day!

Mango Dress, 12.99 Euros

Mango Dress

Zara Shoes, 15.99 Euros

Zara Shoes Zara Shoes

The ¨Ups¨and Downs of Spring

So here I am, Friday afternoon, walking out the door to teach my last two private English classes off the day when I recieve the dreaded message every English teacher grows to hate: ¨sorry we are cancelling today¨.  The 24 hour rule does not apply in this country.  So, I walked back upstairs and begrudgingly began doing laundry, thinking about how the 46 euros I had just lost out on was a pair of new wedge shoes.

This, certainly a ´down´, would now affect one of my favorite spring ´ups´-shoe shopping!  So, in a tribute to being up high and on top this spring, here are some fabulous wedges I love.  Unfortunately, thanks to my cancellation, none will be seen on my feet…atleast not this weekend!

Enjoy…and for those of you who have an extra couple of euros in their pocket…go out and buy some wedges for spring!

Bohemin Wedge colorful wedge Julian Hakes Mojito Shoe Lachey Leopard Wedge Mint Green Perfect Me wedges Pastel Perfect Me Wedge Prada Platform Wedge

080 Barcelona Fashion: SUR

080 Barcelona Fashion is a 3 day fashion event of runway shows.  It´s basically a shorter fashion ¨week¨for mainly Catalan designers to show case their new autumn/winter 2013 lines to the public.  Desigual and Mango also do runway shows as well.  The event started a few years ago,  but is steadily growing bigger and more popular every year.

This edition was interesting as a lot of new designers were involved.  The show had a lot of menswear too which I thought was impressive.  Menswear is something I feel is often missing from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.  You can read my recaps on 080 Barcelona Fashion menswear coming out soon on Best Dressed Man on the Planet.

My personal favorite of the shows was the coats and shoes by designer SUR.

SUR is created by designer Laura Figueras and was inspired by a trip to Japan.  The collection is named Okinawa.

For more information and photos, visit the 080 Barcelona Fashion website.



New Fall Purchase: Studded Boots

I have been frantically searching for a new pair of boots, as my favorite, urban, sort of funky looking pair was starting to become truly distressed (not fashionably distressed, I mean the sole separating from boot…).  I wanted something brownish, grayish, but not dark brown-something I could also wear with black.

I searched several stores, including Hakei, where I was left in the dust.  Finally walking home I noticed this boots, only 45 euros, in the window display of a small boutique near my house.   They are studded with a cross and a great brownish color with a black sole-perfect to match with any color.  I wanted something a bit more classic (who knows how long the studded trend will last for) but for 45 euros-who cares! I will be thrilled if they last me the season.  The funny thing is-they are much more comfortable than the 150 euro pair I tried on at Hakei.  They have a nice, solid sole which I like as well-I tend to give my boots a lot of wear and tear, as well as trudging them through rain, snow, mud, etc.

Another added bonus…they are made in Spain.  I think supporting locally is fabulous-unfortunately- almost everything I own is made in China.  Now I am not going to boycott buying things made in China but it´s nice to know I can afford to purchase and support things made here in Spain.

Check them out, as well as other purses, shoes and clothes at:

Date Un Capricho

Calle Ortega y Gasset, 61 Madrid

Monday-Saturday 11 am to 8 pm

Fashion Night Out Madrid: Store Spotlight: Teria Yabar

This year I made an amazing store discovery at Fashion Night Out and I will for sure be back to this gorgeous boutique.

The name of the shop is called Teria Yabar and it is a boutique featuring clothes and accessories.   Above all the purses and jewelry are beautiful and very reasonably priced.

I fell in love with these clutches which were priced at just 42 euros.  A gorgeous AND affordable boutique. LOVE!





I will be passing back into the boutique for sure.  Details in case you´d also like to pay a visit:

Teria Yabar

Claudio Coello 56