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Vintage in NYC

I was able to get back to NYC for a long weekend and it was absolutely amazing. Halloween weekend and the marathon were happening, which was awesome, and I got to see so many wonderful friends, and surprise one of my very best friends at her baby shower!

One of my favorite things about NYC is simply to wander. Because it´s a city that is always moving and changing, things are always popping up like new shops and restaurants. I was in NYC just a few months ago and already I am noticing things that have changed, closed, or opened.

I was strolling through the East Village, my old stomping grounds, which always makes me nostalgic, when I stopped into a small vintage shop on East 7th street between 1st and 2nd avenues. I have been looking for literally 2 years to replace a small black vintage clutch I had that was falling apart. ( I bought the original black clutch in the East Village at a vintage shop about 5 years ago that has long since closed). I looked in several vintage shops in Florence, Italy, in London, and more with no luck (I did manage to buy other things though but no black bag!)

Anyway, I didn´t see anything at first, and was about to walk out when I spotted a very cute black clutch for just $10! So of course I bought it, and now the black clutch hunt has finally come to an end!


The Vintage shop I stopped into!

The Vintage shop I stopped into!

The new clutch!

The new clutch!


View of the clutch open

View of the clutch open


View of purse clasp

View of purse clasp



My New Birthday Bag

Today is my birthday and I was lucky enough to receive a fabulous new purse for the occasion.  The bag is navy and from the AW13 Carolina Herrera line.  I just love the size of the bag, because it is very practical, not too oversize but big enough for daytime use, when I need to throw in my kindle, sunglasses, etc.  What do you think?

Caroline Herrera Bag Caroline Herrera Bag

Summer in New York City

This summer I was able to spend a day in NYC and unfortunately didn’t get to shop as much as I would have liked, due to time constraints, but on a stroll from the west village to the east village, I found tons of cute shop windows with some purses and bags I fell for.  Check them out below!

2013-07-13 07.59.34 2013-07-13 07.59.47 2013-07-13 08.03.28 2013-07-13 08.03.38

Round Purses

I was thrilled to read in this months issue of Glamour España that round purses are in style.  My current favorite purse is a round purse I bought a year or two ago during Mango sales.  I love and I also love being ¨ahead¨of the trends!


2013-06-06 15.40.20

My purse

2013-06-07 12.07.42


I am so tired of  the typical complaint, ¨my phone died¨…¨I have no battery…¨  It´s practically the story of my life and of many others, now that smart phones are common.  It happens constantly whether you have an Iphone, a blackberry, or in my case a Samsung Galaxy SIII.  Especially if you are on the go ALLLL the time like I am.

My lovely friend Rachel alerted me to this fabulous new discovery that I honestly feel is life changing.   It´s called Everpurse, and it´s basically a small purse that charges your phone.  No cables needed-you simply slip the phone into the purse (more of a clutch sized bag, pretty small) and it automtically connects to a charging dock at the bottom of the purse.  Later, you put your purse onto a charging pad to juice it up.  The bag has the capacity to charge your phone from dying to full battery TWO times until the purse itself has to be recharged.

This purse works with the following phones: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or Samsung Galaxy SIII.  (sorry blackberry gals!)

The bag comes with a crossbody strap or you can use is as a clutch.  It´s also small enough that you slip it into a larger bag as well.  However this invention does not come cheap.  The bags start at 189 USD.  Eek!  Pricey…but for some, it could be worth it!  To purchase, check out the Everpurse website.

Emerald Croc Pattern Leather 319 USD

Ruby Red Fabric 189 USD

Sapphire Leather 249 USD

Emerald croc pattern Everpurse Ruby Sapphire Leather Everpurse

´Tis the Season!

Now that we are inching towards the holidays, I wanted to post some cute wristlets and clutches that would make great holiday gifts.  I have always been a huge fan of Cole Haan purses and leather goods, and when I saw this new holiday line I practically swooned.  You can purchase at various department stores, more specifically Lord and Taylor.

Fashion Night Out Madrid: Store Spotlight: Teria Yabar

This year I made an amazing store discovery at Fashion Night Out and I will for sure be back to this gorgeous boutique.

The name of the shop is called Teria Yabar and it is a boutique featuring clothes and accessories.   Above all the purses and jewelry are beautiful and very reasonably priced.

I fell in love with these clutches which were priced at just 42 euros.  A gorgeous AND affordable boutique. LOVE!





I will be passing back into the boutique for sure.  Details in case you´d also like to pay a visit:

Teria Yabar

Claudio Coello 56