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MBFW Madrid: Hannibal Laguna

I always adore seeing Hannibal Laguna because gives me that same feeling of when you are little girl, and you see a princess, and you want to be here. Hannibal Laguna envokes glamour, sophistiactionn and sexiness, and makes me want to play dressup!

He always shows beautiful gowns, fit for parties, balls, dances, weddings etc. The kind of events that you rarely attend, but always wish you could and then when you can, you always wonder what you are going to wear.

The AW15/16 collection was inspired by well, Spain. Flamenco music blared and beautiful gowns walked the runway. I was surprised that with the flamenco music, there weren’t more “ruffles” but a lot of the looks were slimfit or floaty, and there wasn’t a lot of structure as we’ve seen with Laguna in past seasons. Of course, there were his signature pops of purple and pink, though there was a lot a lot of white and beige, as well as a few of his signature tea-length looks. All in all, nothing super “wow” but a beautiful, stylish collection.

It’s probably also worth nothing that for the first time, Hannibal Laguna has created a line of suitcases, which he also showed at Fashion Week. Nothing extremely creative, but some well-made, hard-backed black suitcases. Could be useful for an avid traveler such as myself (unfortunately, way more useful than a ball gown).



MQ Vienna Fashion Week: Rotsaniyom

Rotsaniyom was part of the Bangkok Couture Fashion Showcase, which had four designers from Thailand take part in a fashion show.  My favorite for womenswear was definitely Rotsaniyom, which showed romantic, flowy designers.  The asian influence was very apparent, and the whole show had a soft, soothing feel to it. The models walked barefoot and looked rather dreamy and lovely.  I am not sure if the white dresses were takes on wedding dresses or what, but I really enjoyed them!

2013-09-12 22.05.20-1 2013-09-12 22.07.01 2013-09-12 22.08.49 2013-09-12 22.09.22 2013-09-12 22.10.34-2 2013-09-12 22.11.09 2013-09-12 22.12.43 2013-09-12 22.13.29 2013-09-12 22.14.09 2013-09-12 22.16.13-1

More Rebajas Favorites

I knew I couldn’t stay away from such good sales for long!  I stopped into Lefties today and had amazing luck.  I was excited also because I have been waiting to get a pair of Tom’s in the USA and I got these cheapie imitations to hold me over until I arrive!

IMG_6221 Lefties Rebajas1 Lefties Rebajas2 Lefties Rebajas3 Lefties Rebajas4

Prices: Black Dress, 7.99, Tank 9.99, Long Sleeved with Mesh 9.99, Shoes 9.99 (what a steal! #heartrebajas)

Rebajas Favorites

I usually have more luck in summer rebajas than in winter so I was really looking foward to checking out Mango and Zara today.  I am only posting my two favorite purchases, but there will probably be more to come soon.  I was thrilled because sometimes I get good stuff at rebajas but it’s not dirt cheap.  But what I found was not only awesome but dirt cheap!  My lucky day!

Mango Dress, 12.99 Euros

Mango Dress

Zara Shoes, 15.99 Euros

Zara Shoes Zara Shoes

Ask Lori: How do I Look Fabulous on the Beach?

Summer is coming!  I can´t wait and in anticipation, I pulled together some fun fabulous looks for my trip to the Canary Islands, since the weather was summery and beautiful there.

The key to beach dressing and looking fabulous is floaty, fun, bright, patterned and of course, keeping it casual.  Floaty dresses, scarves, yellows, pinks, and greens, and even denim can work when done the right way.

Tips: Try to put fun combos together.  Summer is all about that carefree attitude, so don´t take anything too seriously.  Make sure not to look too coiffed or overdone.  Dress up a basic outfit with chunky sunglasses, a bangle, or a hat.  For hair, beachy waves or a messy braid are great.  Blowout: not neccessary!

I hope you enjoy the pics of my friends and I and I hope they provide some inspiration for your summer looks on how to look fabulous on the beach!

2013-05-02 12.31.13 2013-05-02 12.32.36 2013-05-02 12.32.48 2013-05-02 12.33.29 2013-05-02 12.33.37 2013-05-03 11.50.31 2013-05-03 11.51.31 2013-05-03 11.54.13 2013-05-03 12.03.50 2013-05-03 12.03.56 2013-05-03 12.39.03


Premios Goya and Oscar Dress Picks

With all the hoopla about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I completely forgot to post my favorite look from the Premios Goya which is basically the Oscars, but for Spain.  So here I have my favorite look from the Premios and also my favorite from the Oscars.

Oscars: Amanda Seyfried looked gorgeous in her lavender Alexander McQueen gown. I normally hate lavender but this girl knows how to work it.  The dress reminded me of Elie Saab and I think she just looked stunning.


Premios Goya: Paula Echaverría is wearing a floor length green number from Dolores Promesas.  I adore the color and she looks perfect. I have a lot of respect for Spanish celebs that look amazing at awards shows because they are not all dressed by Rachel Zoe-some of them actually pick out their own gowns!

Premios Goya Paula Echaverria en Dolores Promesas

MBFW NYC: Gowns by Jenny Packham

I always fall over and die when I see Jenny Packhams beautiful dresses and of course I swooned over her Fall 2013 collection.  I love that pinkish color she uses a lot for this line.

The dresses were feminine, soft and romantic.  See for yourself below.

Jenny Packam 1 Jenny Packham 2 Jenny Packham 3