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Coat Envy

So I was just in London and Milan for Mens Collections, totally fabulous, you can read all of my recaps on Best Dressed Man on the Planet. I had hoped to get a little time in for womenswear or for shopping but no luck on that end. The only thing I was able to snap while rushing from one show to the other was this GORG yellow coat…I don’t even know the name of the boutique I was at. I just know this coat stopped me in my tracks! It looks so soft and wonderful too…don’t you want this wrapped around you right now?!




080 Barcelona Fashion: SUR

080 Barcelona Fashion is a 3 day fashion event of runway shows.  It´s basically a shorter fashion ¨week¨for mainly Catalan designers to show case their new autumn/winter 2013 lines to the public.  Desigual and Mango also do runway shows as well.  The event started a few years ago,  but is steadily growing bigger and more popular every year.

This edition was interesting as a lot of new designers were involved.  The show had a lot of menswear too which I thought was impressive.  Menswear is something I feel is often missing from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.  You can read my recaps on 080 Barcelona Fashion menswear coming out soon on Best Dressed Man on the Planet.

My personal favorite of the shows was the coats and shoes by designer SUR.

SUR is created by designer Laura Figueras and was inspired by a trip to Japan.  The collection is named Okinawa.

For more information and photos, visit the 080 Barcelona Fashion website.



Zara Fall Caprichos

¨Capricho¨ is a word in spanish that means ¨a special treat¨….for example a small piece of chocolate if you are on a diet…or in my case…a shopping trip when I am on a budget.  My bff BK took me to Zara to find something worthy enough to wear in order to celebrate my newly aquired visa in Spain, which gives me legality for 5 years.   I wasn´t expecting anything so it was a very exciting ¨capricho¨.  The purchases were a leather jacket with fur and a jeweled ¨onesie¨, both of which I adore.  A big thanks to BK  for my caprichos!  I love them

Spring Shopping: Pink Blazer

We all know spring is about color this season, so here it is-the absolute most colorful blazer I could possibly find.  If this doesn´t scream spring…I don´t know what does! The best part…it was only 20 euros from H&M.  They also have the blazer in black and cobalt blue.   Shoutout to mi amiga  Claire for spotting it!

The blazer…I will say, on the rack, doesn´t photograph exceptionally well but as you can see below, it looks amazing on Claire, who is modeling it!

Whirlwind NYC Trip: CK Leopard Fur Vest

As I said in yesterday´s post, I am a very lucky girl and I also have a life filled with eccentricities and laughter, above all.  The vest was not purchased with me in mind, it was originally purchased by my GBF to wear in a charity drag show!  Of course there are no plans in his near future to sport the vest so it was passed along to me during my brief stint in NYC.

I actually am obsessed with the vest and it fits long, almost like a coat-dress on me, it´s utterly sassy and fierce and I fit right into all the old ladies in Madrid who wear fur even when it´s hot outside.

And of course…how many girls can say they are wearing previously- owned- by- tranny- clothes? 🙂




Spring Jackets…Top Picks

With the beginning of March and temps looking up, I am dreaming about losing my winter coat and putting on some spring jackets.  Here are my top faves for this season:

I love how this Elizabeth and James Harlow jacket looks like a snazzy blazer slash it´s got a sporty look too.  A bit pricey at 355 USD, but such a fun color and style for this spring.

I love the grunge look of a leather jacket with just the right zipper.  It´s very ¨Girl with the Dragon Tattoo¨.  This one from Mango is utterly cool, and won´t break your bank at about 60 euros.

I´ve given you sporty and grunge, if you want a preppier look, you can´t go wrong with nautical stripes, which are an excellent choice for spring.  Go with this jacket from Cortefiel for 70 euros.

Finally if want your typical blazer,but with an added edge, try this green one with gathered sleeves from Zara for 60 euros.  Extra bonus-this color could even carry into fall, therefore saving you from buying a fall jacket if you are on a budget.


My New and Fabulous Winter Coat

So if you recall in previous post on my ´Dream Winter Coat´, my father sent me a coat from the USA and it ended up in New Guinea so I was forced to buy a new one this season here in Spain.  Of course my dream Burburry coat was out of the question financially so I hit up Zara, (many thanks to my wonderful friends that gave me a gift card there for my birthday!) in search of something fantastic that was more in my price range.

Finally, I found a grey peacoat that seemed perfect.  I´m no model, but I wanted to show the versatility of the coat by taking pics of the ways you can use the fabric on top.  See below. Available at Zara in grey, black, and beige for under 100 euros.

Option A

It´s not super cold and I am in a hurry so here, I will leave the top slightly unzipped…

Option B (2 pics)

It´s getting a little chilly out and my neck is cold so lets bundle up a bit…

Option C

The wind is blowing in my face and I am freeeeeeeezing so here let´s pull it up even more…

Option D

It´s starting to rain and I forgot my umbrella…

Option E (Last and Final Option…in fact let´s call it ´Last Resort´option)

It´s f%$&ing freezing and raining and I am so pale and sick of winter….!!!!

In conclusion, it´s not my Burburry Prorsum dreamcoat, but it´s got it´s own charm! 🙂  And for just 2,900 euros cheaper!