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Beyonce ¨Mrs. Carter¨Concert in Milan

Last week I was able to attend the Beyonce concert in Milan.  The show was incredible!  I had a wonderful and she put on a fantastic concert.  She even sang a little bit of Whitney Houston!

Beyonce opened with Run the World and sang most of my favorites:  Single Ladies, Crazy in Love, and of course my number one favorite Freakum Dress.

I was so impressed with her costume changes as well…I think she probably had atleast eight different outfits.

Enjoy the photos!

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Beyonce ¨ Mrs. Carter¨for H&M

After seeing the fabulous ¨Mrs. Carter¨tour in Milan last weekend (recap to come shortly!)  I knew I had to post on her fabulous and very reasonably priced swimwear line for H&M.

The suits are cute, sexy and fun and stay within H&M´s normal price range, which I think is great!  The images are gorgeous, and they show young women what real curves are allllll about-no stick figure skinny models here!

Her billboards are plastered throughout Europe so I think the line has been highly advertised-better stop in and grab your suit before they sell out!

Beyonce HM 1 Beyonce HM 2 Beyonce HM 3 Beyonce HM 4 Beyonce HM 5

Cindy Crawford for C&A

I am not the hugest fan of the shop C&A here in Spain.  It reminds me of JC Penny and it´s not a bad place to shop, it´s just not particularly my style.  However, I have to say that when I saw Cindy Crawford as the spokesperson for the spring C&A line, I stopped to look!

After researching, I realized that there is actually a Cindy Crawford COLLECTION.  Here are a few images below.  For  more you can stop into the store of course.  What do you guys think? Do you like the clothes? Would you wear them?

Cindy-Crawford-at-CA-Collection cindy-crawford-CA


Premios Goya and Oscar Dress Picks

With all the hoopla about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I completely forgot to post my favorite look from the Premios Goya which is basically the Oscars, but for Spain.  So here I have my favorite look from the Premios and also my favorite from the Oscars.

Oscars: Amanda Seyfried looked gorgeous in her lavender Alexander McQueen gown. I normally hate lavender but this girl knows how to work it.  The dress reminded me of Elie Saab and I think she just looked stunning.


Premios Goya: Paula Echaverría is wearing a floor length green number from Dolores Promesas.  I adore the color and she looks perfect. I have a lot of respect for Spanish celebs that look amazing at awards shows because they are not all dressed by Rachel Zoe-some of them actually pick out their own gowns!

Premios Goya Paula Echaverria en Dolores Promesas

Mirando Kerr Mango Images Up Around Madrid

Finally, Mango has retired Kate Moss and has plastered images of Miranda Kerr around the city of Madrid.  The unveiling has finally arrived and I must say, I love the images and I think she is a much better role model than our darling Kate Moss.

These are my two favorite images-what do you guys think?  In my opinion, she looks pretty amazing!

miranda-kerr-mango-primavera-2013- Miranda-Kerr-Mango-Spring-2013-

Beyonce…for H&M?

Beyonce HM

Rumor has it the Beyonce is the next celeb to create a collection for H&M.  Beyonce has been in the public eye quite a bit lately with her singing the National Anthem at the Presidental Inaguration, followed by her halftime show at the Superbowl and her recent announcement of her World Tour, Mrs. Carter. Not to mention possible Illuminati signs flashed?

Anyway just another story to add to the pile…she may or may not be designing a line for H&M.  Apparently one of her dancers tweeted something about a photo shoot in the Bahamas for Beyonce´s new line and then soon deleted it after realizing she wasn´t supposed to tweet said info.  TOO LATE!  Everybody knows now!

H&M has declined to comment on this matter.  What do you guys think? Will there be a an H&M collection by Beyonce? Will it be sassy? Bootylicious even?  Or urban like House of Dereon?

Photo Credit: Pink is the New Blog


Naomi Watts for El Corte Inglés

Naomi Watts has been very popular in Spain since her role in ¨Lo Imposible¨ (The Impossible), a film directed by Spanish filmaker J.A Bayona.   This holiday season, you can see Naomi continuing her professional relationship with Bayona as he directs her in an El Corte Inglés print and tv ad campaign.   She was spotted filming just the other day here in Madrid.

I love the commercial-you can see the video below.  It´s not the greatest quality, but if you turn on the TV you can probably see the ad…just listen for the ¨Me Encanta¨…it´s my favorite part!

Happy Holidays!