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Beyonce ¨Mrs. Carter¨Concert in Milan

Last week I was able to attend the Beyonce concert in Milan.  The show was incredible!  I had a wonderful and she put on a fantastic concert.  She even sang a little bit of Whitney Houston!

Beyonce opened with Run the World and sang most of my favorites:  Single Ladies, Crazy in Love, and of course my number one favorite Freakum Dress.

I was so impressed with her costume changes as well…I think she probably had atleast eight different outfits.

Enjoy the photos!

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Guest Blogger Post: La Boutique Éphémére

I am proud to announce my very first guest post here on Life and Style Madrid.  My fantastic friend Heather Evans and her lovely boyfriend Jesús Hellín found an amazing market of hand-made items, La Boutique Éphémére in Paris, and took some amazing photos and wrote up a summary of it below.  I am so excited to be able to share this with you and a huge thanks to Heather and Jesús for their contribution!  Enjoy!

La Boutique Éphémére Paris26 La Boutique Éphémére Paris10

Recently in Paris there have been pop up, indoor fashion markets in all the coolest neighborhoods. The most famous (and the most inspiring) is La Boutique Éphémére that assembles the newest & best fashion designers who all hand make their items. For a few days these talented designers get together to display their most recent work. You can find gorgeous, unique pieces from skirts to purses, belts to hair accessories , bowties to watches, each just as cool as the next… not to mention über chic.

Olivia Phélip is one of these designers.  Her line, Jicqy Les Mirettes sells bowties, ties, jewelry and head pieces. How did she become such a talented designer? Olivia was a teacher who had lost her drive and two years ago she decided to take a year off to study and practice music, one of her passions. However, she got a little side tracked and started making jewelry. Next, because her boyfriend started wearing unique ties, she thought it would be cool to get into making them, too. She started with bowties, then ties six months after.  For her first bowtie, she used her grandfather’s vintage Hermés bowtie as an example. She tore it apart, took measurements and, using her thigh as a ‘neck’, learned how to create beautifully handsome, impressive bowties. She also quickly included braided women’s head pieces in her repertoire – good thing!! They are ahhhmazing!

The chains used in some of the jewelry and head pieces are from a fantastic small store that sells pieces to make jewelry. Because her specialty is braided work, she incorporates these delicate chains into intricate braided pieces.

The fabrics she uses are truly unique. She sometimes takes fabrics from a fabric wholesaler in Paris that has the latest materials straight from  the Parisian couture designers (Hermés, Dior, Chanel…) She also collects fabrics from her travels; silks from India, kimonos from Japan, …  each of her pieces is powerful, has a history, depth and couldn’t be more special.

There are two very hip boutiques that currently sell her creations and of course sells online through her website.  She sells at some of these indoor markets as well as doing custom work for weddings, special events, etc.  (Imagine your groom & groomsmen with Jicqy Les Mirettes bowties!)

And check out this  video of Oliva Phélip or follow her on Facebook as well!

La Boutique Éphémére Paris01 La Boutique Éphémére Paris02 La Boutique Éphémére Paris03 La Boutique Éphémére Paris04 La Boutique Éphémére Paris05 La Boutique Éphémére Paris06 La Boutique Éphémére Paris07 La Boutique Éphémére Paris08 La Boutique Éphémére Paris09 La Boutique Éphémére Paris11 La Boutique Éphémére Paris12 La Boutique Éphémére Paris13 La Boutique Éphémére Paris14 La Boutique Éphémére Paris15 La Boutique Éphémére Paris16 La Boutique Éphémére Paris17 La Boutique Éphémére Paris18 La Boutique Éphémére Paris19 La Boutique Éphémére Paris20 La Boutique Éphémére Paris22 La Boutique Éphémére Paris25 La Boutique Éphémére Paris27 La Boutique Éphémére Paris28

Post by Heather Evans and Photos by Jesús Hellín

Best of Madrid: Mahou Tapeo

I really enjoyed myself last weekend at the Mahou Tapeo.  This year there  were only a 38  participating restaurants, which was fewer than past years, but it was still excellent.  I hope you enjoy my photos of the delicious tapas and the event below!  Until next year!

Mahou Tapeo Mahou Tapeo Mahou Tapeo Mahou Tapeo Mahou Tapeo Mahou Tapeo Mahou Tapeo Mahou Tapeo Mahou Tapeo Mahou Tapeo

Tapeo Mahou Returns to Madrid!

Mahou Tapeo Madrid 2013

One of my favorite events in Madrid is the Tapeo Mahou festival.  Madrid offers several tapas tasting events, most of which included following a desired route to visit several bars and restaurants to taste their speciality tapa and enjoy a Mahou beer.

However, this event tops the charts for convenience, because participating restaurants set up stands at the Palacio de Deportes and everything is all in one location.  You buy tickets and receive a map which includes all the names of the participating restaurants, their stand number and their offered tapa(s).  Pick your favorites and visit those stands.

I´ve had an amazing time sampling the speciality tapas in the past and I can´t wait to stop in this weekend.  Useful information:

May 9-12

From 12-430 pm and then from 8-midnight.

You must buy tickets for all, and the prices are:

Mahou Clasica or Sin: 2 fichas, 1 euro

Terico of Mixta, Light or Negra: 4 fichas (2 euros)

Tapas: 3 fichas (1.5 euros)

Fitting Room 2013

Fitting Room 2013

This year Fitting Room returns to Madrid for it´s 9th edition on March 9th.  As always, it will be at the Petit Palace on Calle Jorge Juan 17 in Barrio Salamanca.   I am pretty bummed I won´t be able to attend as I have for the last 2 years, because I will be in Miami.  I guess I can´t complain!

Like past year, each room will feature a different designer showcasing their items which you can photograph, purchase, etc.

This year here are some of the participating vendors/designers are coming from as far as Mexico, Columbia, Singapore and Ukraine.  See list below:

Hunna, elSuso, Alilovesyou, L’imperatrice, Lamauri, Les Tulipes, Lolita Butterfly, Lupe Giraldo, Mamenchica, Manuel & Ariana, Pecadille, Selected Homme, Vila Clothes, Chic ’n’ Bossa, Clavenié, Ksenia Schnaider, Bikini by Theresa Benavides, Proyectokwarzo, L’entoilage.

For more information visit the Fitting Room Website.

Jean Paul Gaultier´s Fashion Universe

I finally had the opportunity to pop into the the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit and I was beyond impressed by what I encountered.  Last year I saw a YSL exhibit in the same space and loved it, and the Gaultier exhibit literally blew me away.

Seeing the designs up close in itself is a guilty pleasure.  His designs are not what I would consider beautiful… weird, creepy or strange are a better fit, but none the less-stunning and fabulous.

The unexpected part of the exhibit was that all the manniquins actually have FACES.  Created by a hologram, they have eyes that move, open and close, and even stare you down.  Their mouths smile and sometimes even talk.  I have never seen anything like this before and it truly added to the shock value of the showcase.

Parisian flavour is what also helps give Jean Paul Gaultier his signature look, among other inspirations.   Note the Eiffel Tower tights, heels and the Moulin Rouge inspired dress.


The exhibit is over on the 6th of January so I high recommend trying to stop in and see it.  It´s 100 percent worth your time and only takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour to see it all.  Best of all…it´s free! I considered this the best free gift I´ve gotten in a while.

Enjoy the pics and see my previous post on the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit for more details, hours, etc.


Glamour Shopping Party

It´s about that time…the time of year when I´ve gone through all my fall and winter wardrobe essentials and decided I don´t have nearly enough to wear this season.  Lucky for me, Thursday, Novemeber 15th is the Glamour Shopping Party, which gives me several discounts and options to add a boost to my lagging fall collection of clothes etc.

Glamour is throwing this event to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of the magazine in Spain.  From 7-12 in the evening, participating stores offer discounts, drinks, free gifts and all sorts of fun things for shoppers to participate in.  I myself would like to visit Dayaday, Nice Things, Hakei, and Mango.  You can seem some of the other stores featured in the photo, but for a complete list of stores and promotions, you have to purchase the Novemeber issues of the magazine, currently available at newstands and kiosks.   The magazine comes with a listing of everything you need to know as well as a small card you take with you when you shop.

Happy Shopping!