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Depliar System

This new hair removal system sounds amazing.  Basically, it´s a pain-free easy alternative to laser hair removal that works on all skin types and hair colors.

It´s basically a gel thats put on after a wax, threading or tweezing.  The gel has enzymes that break down hair follicles and kill them.

It takes a year to two years to rid the hair completely but results can be seen after the first session.  This product is currently only available in salons, and not for at home use.

I am sure this product will make its way to Spain but so far it´s only available in select salons in the United States and possibly some other European countries.

It sounds fantastic, doesn´t it? Painless, easy, and works on EVERYONE, which is not the case with laser.

For more info, visit their website:  Depilar System


Sanctuary City Spa

ROMANCE is the key word that this spa brings to mind.  It´s the perfect romantic afternoon treat for you and your honey to enjoy.  The spa circuit comes with or without massages, and basically includes a circuit of jacuzzi-pools, saunas, and steam rooms.  It´s beautiful and sexy, dark, romantic with candles and soft music and you are completely alone with you and your signficant other during the circuit.  Afterwards you can relax in a small room with lounge chairs, magazines, champagne, chocolate, tea or water.

I highly recommened this to splurge for a special occasion.  This place truly is a sanctuary!

Prices: 80 euros for 2 people for the spa circuit.  If you want to include a massage it´s extra.

Calle Ponzano, 37


Metro: Alonso Cano


Metropolitan Spa

Metropolitan Spa is a spa circuit of different jacuzzi´s, steam rooms, and pools.  It´s actually part of a very expensive gym that I wish I could afford to join.  The spa circuit part a wonderful space to relax and just rest and regain a nice glow in your face.

You basically have a few hours to go in and do a circuit of wellness, tonification or relaxation.  I personally really enjoyed their steam room and the have a pool with ´beds´inside that you lay on and they bubble, it´s so fun.  So if you want to have a nice Saturday afternoon, call up and book a session.  It would be fun alone, with friends, or especially with your signficant other.


José Abascal, 46 Madrid, 28003
Metro: Rios Rosas, Alonso Cano
914 514 466

Beauty update: Germaine de Capuccini

Germaine de Capuccini is a European brand that is difficult to find in the USA and just happens to make my favorite face cream.  With the cold weather coming, it´s important that we hydrate our skin to keep it smooth, soft, and fresh looking.  You should do this with a day cream and a night cream.

Now, I have tried many a brand in my lifetime and this oxygen release daytime face cream is the best I have ever used. I am completely addicted.  They have a line of products called Excel Therapy 02 and I highly recommened this cream to use daily in the morning after cleansing.  The cream actually oxigenates your face and renews and repairs the cells in your skin, thus making your skin look fresher and younger. Not to mention the smell is wonderful.  Also, very importantly, this product does not make you break out.  I have mixed skin, sometimes dry and sometimes oily, so its different to find something that works for me, and this does.  You can purchase at Luven Spa, Calle Don Ramon de la Cruz 81 (cost is 40 euros here), or buy in many other retailers around Spain.

For nighttime use, I recommened the Time Expert Rides creme.  This actually works to fight wrinkles and more importantly, prevents free radicals, the cells that cause wrinkles.  And all while you are soundly asleep!  This cream is also available at Luven (a serum as well) for 55 euros.

Luven Spa

One of my favorite things to do, especially when I am stressed is hit up the spa for a facial, massage, you name it, I love it all.  The idea of just laying down to soothing music while someone else pampers me is a dream come true.  My favorite space for this in Madrid is Luven Spa.

One of the reasons I love Luven so much has to do with the owner, Vicky.  Vicky is an absolute angel, one of the nicest, most giving people I know!  How she can manage to run an extremely successful business while still taking the time to remember everyone ´s name, do favors, give discounts, and simply smile all the time, is beyond me.  A fabulous woman and a fabulous spa! So, get your butts to Luven!

Calle Don Ramon de la Cruz 81

Metro: Lista, Goya, or Manuel Becerra

For an appointment, call 911154012

Facials and massages start at 25 euros.  The spa also does nails, body treatments, and hair.

New Sephora on Gran Via

A new Sephora has recently opened it´s doors on Calle Gran Via 32 in Madrid.  On Nov. 16 the store held it´s innauguration complete with celebs, a red carpet, stylists and beauticians explaining beauty tips and giving makeovers.  Sounds like my kinda party!  The store is enormous and is home to not only designer labels like Dior, but also brands that are often difficult to locate in Spain, like Urban Decay, Benefit, Make Up For Ever, and of course Sephora´s inhouse brand called…Sephora!  Get shopping!