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Bobbi Brown Store Opens in Madrid

I am thrilled to announce the opening of the first offical Bobbi Brown store in Madrid.  This New York City brand highlights the importance of enhancing your natural beauty, and just so happens to be one of my favorite brands of makeup.

You can buy all sorts of makeup, brushes, skincare and fragrance at the store.  It´s located in Barrio Salamanca on Calle Lagasca, 32.


2012 Fashion New Years Resolutions

I only have one New Years Fashion Resolution this year, and it´s an important one.  I resolve to do all I can to…

1. Keep myself looking young and fabulous

Now, this is mainly related to skincare but it also means going to the gym, eating right, making sure to dress fabulously and appropriately for all occasions, and of course, keeping my alcohol in check and getting enough sleep.

I´m a couple years away from 30 (and an avid sun worshipper, although a non smoker….do they cancel each other out?) and I think it´s high time I focus on a solid skincare routine that includes a day and night moisturizer, eye cream, and wrinkle preventer.  I sort of already do this but I do often forget and I am not as persistent about it as I should be.

So what products am I using, one might ask, to achieve this New Years Resolution?



Germaine de Capuccini O2

This creme is amazing because it leaves my skin soft, hydrates, but also doesn´t make me breakout.  And it smells amazing.  I use it every morning



Germanine de Capuccini Time Expert

This creme has advanced wrinkle fighting properties that stop and prevent the growth of free radicals. Apparently it works wonders while you sleep.  The program also has a serum, eye creme, etc.  I also use the serum, and I will alternate it with Prescriptives Super Line Preventer.


As I previously mentioned above, alternating between Time Expert Serum and Prescriptives Super Line Preventer (this has a ton of antioxidants, Vitamin C, just a great bunch of things to keep your skin looking young) is what will hopefully keep me looking young and fresh til the end of time.

Eye Creme

For just 3 euros, Mercadona´s DeliPlus aloe vera eye creme is perfect for me because I have very sensitive eyes and the aloe is soothing and doesn´t irritate.  I use it in the morning and at night.   I haven´t tried the facial moisturizer but I don´t doubt it´s good stuff for a low price. I also have a Barielle Anti Puffy AM creme for those days I wake up with puffy eyes.

Finally, for those days when I wake up looking a little dull, I just add on a little Dermalogica Day Bright over my regular moisturizer to give my skin that little added radiance.

Now some might ask, where is the sunscreen? My foundation has an SPF 15 and if I am not using foundation, I will put on Aveeno face SPF 30 before I head outside.

Happy New Year! Now run out and get all your skincare goods and resolve to look fabulous and youthful in 2012 and for many years to come!

Depliar System

This new hair removal system sounds amazing.  Basically, it´s a pain-free easy alternative to laser hair removal that works on all skin types and hair colors.

It´s basically a gel thats put on after a wax, threading or tweezing.  The gel has enzymes that break down hair follicles and kill them.

It takes a year to two years to rid the hair completely but results can be seen after the first session.  This product is currently only available in salons, and not for at home use.

I am sure this product will make its way to Spain but so far it´s only available in select salons in the United States and possibly some other European countries.

It sounds fantastic, doesn´t it? Painless, easy, and works on EVERYONE, which is not the case with laser.

For more info, visit their website:  Depilar System

Get Smooth and Summer Ready Skin

So as I mentioned in the previous post my bff Meggie came to visit and brought my an InStyle USA magazine.  This may have just been one of the best issues I have ever read! It was choc full of style tips, beauty tips, with the latest and greatest fashions and flairs for summer 2011.

I got a GREAT beauty tip from them.  If you can´t afford microdermabrasion but want softer, richer and smoother skin, try an at- home remidy.  Simply buy some Baking Soda at the grocery store (in spanish-bicarbonato at the farmacia) and mix it: 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water.  Apply the paste in a circular motion over face, body, feet, pretty much wherever you want and then rinse with water.  The grains act as an exfoliant, removing dead skin and uncovering fresh skin, just in time for shorts weather.

VOILA! Hot sexy beach bod!

Metropolitan Spa

Metropolitan Spa is a spa circuit of different jacuzzi´s, steam rooms, and pools.  It´s actually part of a very expensive gym that I wish I could afford to join.  The spa circuit part a wonderful space to relax and just rest and regain a nice glow in your face.

You basically have a few hours to go in and do a circuit of wellness, tonification or relaxation.  I personally really enjoyed their steam room and the have a pool with ´beds´inside that you lay on and they bubble, it´s so fun.  So if you want to have a nice Saturday afternoon, call up and book a session.  It would be fun alone, with friends, or especially with your signficant other.


José Abascal, 46 Madrid, 28003
Metro: Rios Rosas, Alonso Cano
914 514 466

Beauty on Budget

One of Spain´s best kept secrets is a special line of beauty products and skin care from…wait for it…a local GROCERY store!  Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I swear the absolute best body lotion I have ever used in my life is 1 euro and 65 cents from Mercadona Supermarket.   Little by little I have been trying their hair products, and skin care products and I never cease to be amazed by the incredible quality at an extremely low price.  I used to buy L´Occitane body lotion, a french brand, usually about 35 dollars for a jar.  I actually like this Mercadona body lotion better and its approximately 33 dollars cheaper!

Please see below for exact products

My all time favorite, Olive Oil Body lotion.  Available for 1.65 euros a jar!

These masks are AMAZING.  They are my favorite products, after the lotion of course.  The left one is for dry hair and the right one is for colored hair.  They smell incredible and last forever.  The masks give a softness and shine to your hair that shouldn´t be accessible for 2 euros a jar, but it is!  Some of the ingredients of the masks include silk and caviar!

I love the smell of this shampoo for dry hair.  This product is under 2 euros!

This face wash is under 2 euros and is oil free. It has a very mild smell and its perfect to take off your makeup and wash your face before bedtime.

Beauty update: Germaine de Capuccini

Germaine de Capuccini is a European brand that is difficult to find in the USA and just happens to make my favorite face cream.  With the cold weather coming, it´s important that we hydrate our skin to keep it smooth, soft, and fresh looking.  You should do this with a day cream and a night cream.

Now, I have tried many a brand in my lifetime and this oxygen release daytime face cream is the best I have ever used. I am completely addicted.  They have a line of products called Excel Therapy 02 and I highly recommened this cream to use daily in the morning after cleansing.  The cream actually oxigenates your face and renews and repairs the cells in your skin, thus making your skin look fresher and younger. Not to mention the smell is wonderful.  Also, very importantly, this product does not make you break out.  I have mixed skin, sometimes dry and sometimes oily, so its different to find something that works for me, and this does.  You can purchase at Luven Spa, Calle Don Ramon de la Cruz 81 (cost is 40 euros here), or buy in many other retailers around Spain.

For nighttime use, I recommened the Time Expert Rides creme.  This actually works to fight wrinkles and more importantly, prevents free radicals, the cells that cause wrinkles.  And all while you are soundly asleep!  This cream is also available at Luven (a serum as well) for 55 euros.