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La Abadía del Perfume

Feeling happy? Smug?  Curious? Angry?  Take your emotion and reflect in your own personal perfume.  Studies show that different smells are attractive to you depending on your mood.  So technically, you should have a different perfume for different emotions.  And now  you can!  It´s possible to design your very own perfume here in Madrid to reflect what you are feeling.  Just a few weeks ago ¨La Abadía de Perfume¨ opened their doors here in Madrid, after having previous success with their shops in Paris and London.

The shopper will have an active part in choosing their scent.  And not just choosing the scents-you can even select the name, the bottle and the tag on the perfume.

Additionally, cosmetics and home fragrances available for purchase.

I can´t wait to stop in and create my own fragrance.  Of course, you´ll be hearing all about it!


La Abadía de Perfume

Calle Hermosilla 90




Bobbi Brown Store Opens in Madrid

I am thrilled to announce the opening of the first offical Bobbi Brown store in Madrid.  This New York City brand highlights the importance of enhancing your natural beauty, and just so happens to be one of my favorite brands of makeup.

You can buy all sorts of makeup, brushes, skincare and fragrance at the store.  It´s located in Barrio Salamanca on Calle Lagasca, 32.

Blake Lively for Gucci Premiere


Gucci has chosen the perfect girl to feature in their new couture inspired perfume, ¨Premiere¨.  Blake Lively looks very old glamour, very classy and elegant, very Gucci!  The photos were taken by duo Mert and Marcus, and the black and white just adds to the ambiance of the ad, which just drips of couture and all things expensive and worldly.

I personally love Blake and I think the photos are fab.  I can´t wait to see more!  The perfume will debut at the end of July.

Photo Credit: Telegraph UK

Scarlett Johansson for D&G

Billboards are plastered all over Madrid with ScarJo´s face for the new D&G fragrance The One.  It´s interesting how big of a star she has become in Europe, constantly posing for European brands, the most noteworthy of these in Spain being Mango, of course.    The Spanish seem to love her. 

In any case she looks fabulous in the ad (good thing because it´s on every bus stop in Madrid) and I definitely want to try out the perfume asap.  I love the Marilyn Monroe-esque hair and the lacey top is covering but sexy at the same time. 

Marc Jacob´s Perfume Ad BANNED in UK

The above Marc Jacob´s perfume ad for the new scent, ´Oh, Lola´featuring Dakota Fanning has actually been banned in the UK.  The advertisement, as you can see above, shows the bottle of perfume positioned in the lap of 17 year old Dakota Fanning.  The British Advertising Standards Authority is quite tough on ads with models deemed overly sexy, skinny, or airbrushed.  The ASA has banned the ad in the UK for portraying 17-year-old Fanning as being too sexy and also too childlike.   They are also banning it because of the placement of the perfume bottle, shaped as a blooming flower, between her legs.  The ASA says ¨We considered that the length of her dress, her leg and position of the perfume bottle drew attention to her sexuality. Because of that, along with her appearance, we considered the ad could be seen to sexualize a child. ¨

I must say I find it interesting that the ad was banned in a European country and not the USA. I usually think of Europe being more lax about body standards and nudity etc.  However, the UK is a bit different than many other European countries.  Personally I think banning the ad is a bit silly.  It´s still available on the internet, and compared to the other things children see on a daily basis in video games, television and movies, I personally don´t think that this is that big of a deal.  I don´t think that banning things is always the best way to go about things…young children will be exposed to things in their life and the most important thing you can do is to teach them the correct values and how to deal with what they see, and not hide it from them.  I am obviously talking primarily about this ad, of course there are many things that are inappropriate for kids but this I don´t neccessarily think is one of them.  In the end, I guess this is only my personal opinion and clearly many might not agree (especially the ASA in Britain!). 

What do you think? Is this ad too suggestive?  Do you agree with it´s being banned? 

Natalie Portman for Dior

I´ve been anxiously waiting to see the Natalie Portman for Dior images out and about.  Finally after what seemed like forever, they have appeared at every bus stop, metro stop and billboard in Madrid.

In my opinion she looks fabulous, I can´t really comment on her fashion, as she´s not really wearing anything but the little bow in her hair definitely makes her look a little sexy-naughty, which is fun because I consider Natalie Portman to be a very natural beauty, a girl next door type, not the Kim Kardashian or JLo sexpot type.  It was interesting seeing her in a new light, and the ad is really well done, and very eye catching. It´s a shame I don´t like the way Miss Dior Cherie smells!

New Sephora on Gran Via

A new Sephora has recently opened it´s doors on Calle Gran Via 32 in Madrid.  On Nov. 16 the store held it´s innauguration complete with celebs, a red carpet, stylists and beauticians explaining beauty tips and giving makeovers.  Sounds like my kinda party!  The store is enormous and is home to not only designer labels like Dior, but also brands that are often difficult to locate in Spain, like Urban Decay, Benefit, Make Up For Ever, and of course Sephora´s inhouse brand called…Sephora!  Get shopping!