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Bobbi Brown Store Opens in Madrid

I am thrilled to announce the opening of the first offical Bobbi Brown store in Madrid.  This New York City brand highlights the importance of enhancing your natural beauty, and just so happens to be one of my favorite brands of makeup.

You can buy all sorts of makeup, brushes, skincare and fragrance at the store.  It´s located in Barrio Salamanca on Calle Lagasca, 32.


My version of the French Mani

During my recent trip to Miami, my gay BF went to get our nails done. I wanted to do something a little different-something fun, bright, and sassy! (After all this is MIAMI!)  So I decided on a french mani but instead of the traditional colors, I went with sparkly orange OPI tips and an Essie tangerine color for the nails.  It was definitely fun and my manicurist did a great job!  The salon is called Lace and I immediately liked it upon walking in, as the color scheme was white and pink.  The manicurists and the lady at the reception desk (possible owner??) were very helpful and nice and the whole salon just had a nice ambiance to it.  They also sell clothes and jewelry and some beauty products-I got an OPI bright orangey-red color for just 5 dollars on sale!  And icing on the cake…I was offered my favorite drink upon sitting down for my mani-PINK LEMONADE!



Note that I snapped these pics a good 4 days after my mani…and low and behold, not a single chip or scratch!  Even after an international flying experience!

Another fabulous thing about the Lace Salon is it´s retro, bold, funky pink look.  See below:

You see where I got the bright nail inspiration?! This is just SO Miami and I love it.

If you are in the Miami area and you would like a great mani or pedi, I highly recommend stopping into LACE Nail and Beauty Lab. 

Crayola Crayons..I mean…Nail Polish!

One thing I distinctly recall from my childhood, (and I think most Americans would agree) are Crayola Crayons.  Now, adults can continue to enjoy the array of colors Crayola offers…through nail polish!  That´s right: Crayola now has a line of nail polish colors!   The old school, typical crayon box comes with 8 colors for just 12 dollars.  Available from  Fred Flare.

Cerulean, anyone?


Whirlwind NYC Trip: What´s hot for Spring Nails

New York City.  The land of the free, the melting pot of the world, the most amazing city on earth.   The gritty gray metropolis filled with millions of people and fabulous fashion.  Sometimes I miss it so much it hurts.

I was lucky enough have a 48 hour weekend in NYC this March, thanks to my GBF (gay boyfriend).  Of course most of it was spent shopping, people watching, eating, and partying…in my opinion the best things to do in NYC.

I love going there because everyone is so on top of style, trends, it doesn´t matter that Europe technically seems to be ahead, New York City is a different animal, and even the least fashionable are fashionable.

One of my very best friends, MP, always  keeps me in the loop with the hottest nail colors in NYC each season.  Last spring, she brought an amazing gray color from Essie, and this spring, its a fantastic, pastel, pistachio green color that I immediately fell in love with.

Please welcome this springs hottest new addition for nails: Essie´s Navigate Her.

Buy it, or buy something similar…in any case, get this color on your nails asap. I guarantee you´ll love it as much as I do.


Stay tuned for more posts on my NYC trip-fashion and shopping updates!


What´s new in the land of NAIL POLISH????

Recently I have been seeing a lot of the new ´cracked´nail polish look.  I decided to head right to the source to get the down low: OPI.

What I found at OPI LITERALLY shook me to the core. THEY HAVE A NICKI MINAJ NAILS LINE!!!!! (I have an unhealthy obsession with girl rappers, esp Minaj)  And even better, this line includes the new shatter style polish!

My personal fave…SUPER BASS SHATTER!!!!

As you can see the polish gives a ´cracked´look which is fun and original.  You can purchase this type of polish not only through OPI but also at Sephora, Kiko, and probably any local drugstore if you are in the USA, it´s becoming more mainstream now.

The idea is you paint your nails one color first.  For example, pink.  Then you let the polish dry and apply the ´cracked´polish on top.  When this polish dries, it leaves unpredictable ´cracks´ and results, for a new and fashionable look each time you apply.

I also like this black one, created for Sephora by OPI.

Nail Polish…Continuing Trend!

One trend from 2011 that I am sure will continue on this year is nail polish.  Having always been a fan of painting my nails, I was thrilled this past year when it really caught on to the general public and everyone began painting their nails.  Even though the world is amist an economic crisis, according to Womens Wear Daily, nail polish sales were up 59% in 2011.

A great alternative to the trendsetter, expensive colors like Chanel and Dior are Wet n Wild if you are the USA and Kiko if you are in Europe.  They have fantastic colors and are super cheap! My tops picks for starting off 2012…

Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune

Frozen Ultra Shine Nail Polish in Green

Nail Polish Picks

For those of you that know me or that follow my blog, it´s quite clear I have a rather unhealthy obsession with nail polish.  This winter, I am obsessed with a couple particular colors, which I will list below.

Tom Ford´s Bitter Bitch

Number one, the name can´t be topped, and the deep red color is sexy and perfect for the holidays.

Chanel´s Periodot

Thanks to Megan for calling my attention to this amazing color. It´s ombre effect make for a tantilizing range of gold, green, blue and gray, depending on the light.

Finally, Nars Zulu.  It´s back this year with Nars ´Vintage´Collection and I absolutely LOVE dark green nail polish.  Kiko also makes a very good green imitation if Nars is not in your budget!