A New Way To Zen: InspiraLife

InspiraLife is a new company dedicated to helping keep your mind and body beautiful, healthy, fit and happy. The company was started by my friend and yoga teacher, Carla Sanchez and her business partner Inma Brea. Together, the team of two helps you expand your mind and body horizons allowing you to find your best self. Inma does this through coaching and Carla through yoga and mediation.

A yoga party organized by InspiraLife

A yoga party organized by InspiraLife

I was able to attend a Yoga Party thrown by InspiraLife, which allowed me to get to know a little more about their company and what the provide and do. Besides providing yoga classes and workshops, they also plan big health events and what I find the most awesome, retreats.

Inma and Carla, InspiraLife founders

Inma and Carla, InspiraLife founders


I went on my first yoga retreat (unfortunately before InspiraLife was a thing) to India recently and not to be all “this was life-changing”…except it was. Yoga retreats are beautiful because they allow you to focus on YOU. It’s not a family, friend or couples vacation. It’s a vacation all about bringing out the best in yourself, allowing you to be selfish and focus on your own needs.

Because let’s be honest, regardless of what obligations you have in your life (job, friends, boyfriends, children, family etc) it’s difficult to take time for introspection and mental and physical growth. Yes, we all spend our hour at Body Combat at the gym or Bikram Yoga, but the rest of our days are almost always spend pleasing others and fulfilling obligations.

Yoga retreats, in general, even if you aren’t even that into yoga are beautiful ways to learn to focus on self-awareness. What is it you need in life? Or have too much of? How can you find peace and love in your daily life? How can you stay stress-free?

InspiraLife goes a step beyond because not only are the retreats about yoga, but the coaching aspect will also help to answer the above questions and find out how you can enrich your life in so many ways: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A healthy cooking workshop from InspiraLife

A healthy cooking workshop from InspiraLife

InspiraLife’s next retreats are to India in August (I wish I could go but I already have vacation plans) and to Tuscany in the fall, which I hope to go to. I also plan on attending a cooking class at some point (lord knows I need a  little help in the kitchen!).

In any case, I love the idea of a business that helps both your mind and body grow, and I look forward to seeing what else InspiraLife will continue to offer. Check them out!

Namaste! xo Lori

Namaste! xo Lori



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