MBFW Madrid: Teresa Helbig

I always adore Teresa Helbig’s designs because they are youthful and wearable. Simple, fun, creative dresses that are trendy but also easy to wear for any occasion. This collection, althought it was for autumn actually seemed a bit summery. As she often does short dresses, and loves to use light colors, most of her styles seem like they are for a spring season as opposed to an autum, but I love them all the same.

This season she “winterized” things by using a lot of leather in my favorite color, army green. This army green leather, combined with pastel pink chiffon, was the perfect juxtaposition. I would absolutely LOVE to wear anything that Teresa puts on on the runway. Some of my favorites were the army green leather looks paired with black sequins as well as a vibrant yellow color that I think would just look incredible on most woman if you have a little sun. All in all, I loved this collection, as I typically always do with Helbig, and I hope to own a few pieces of it!

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