MBFW Madrid: Hannibal Laguna

I always adore seeing Hannibal Laguna because gives me that same feeling of when you are little girl, and you see a princess, and you want to be here. Hannibal Laguna envokes glamour, sophistiactionn and sexiness, and makes me want to play dressup!

He always shows beautiful gowns, fit for parties, balls, dances, weddings etc. The kind of events that you rarely attend, but always wish you could and then when you can, you always wonder what you are going to wear.

The AW15/16 collection was inspired by well, Spain. Flamenco music blared and beautiful gowns walked the runway. I was surprised that with the flamenco music, there weren’t more “ruffles” but a lot of the looks were slimfit or floaty, and there wasn’t a lot of structure as we’ve seen with Laguna in past seasons. Of course, there were his signature pops of purple and pink, though there was a lot a lot of white and beige, as well as a few of his signature tea-length looks. All in all, nothing super “wow” but a beautiful, stylish collection.

It’s probably also worth nothing that for the first time, Hannibal Laguna has created a line of suitcases, which he also showed at Fashion Week. Nothing extremely creative, but some well-made, hard-backed black suitcases. Could be useful for an avid traveler such as myself (unfortunately, way more useful than a ball gown).



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