Christmas Is Coming!

One of the few things I like about winter is the onset of the Christmas holidays (the other things are the smell of cinnamon and suede boots-and that’s pretty much it). I love seeing big cities, such as Madrid and NYC set up their Christmas lights and decorations. Paris, Rome and Lisbon are also beautiful to see at Christmas, in my opinion. This year is a little different, this will be the first time EVER I am going to the USA for Christmas since I have lived in Spain. I’m heading to Arizona, and I am not going to lie, I am thrilled to see my family and sunny skies again. However, it will definitely be different not having all the typical things at Christmas I have gotten used to over the past six years here in Madrid. Anyway, although I am heading out mid December, I was happy to get a little taste of Christmas here in Madrid in a boutique window display the other day-the shop’s name is FL and it’s located on Calle de Ortega y Gasset. Anyway, the display was a simple woman’s dress made out of pine and Christmas tree. Although it’s not what I would consider wearable, I was thrilled to see a little Christmas spirit around these parts!

Christmas is coming to Madrid!

Christmas is coming to Madrid!


One response to “Christmas Is Coming!

  1. My eyes grew wide with wonderment when I saw this. I think it goes without saying that I LOVE this! | ¡Qué encanto de escaparate! Sin duda uno de mis preferidos. Happy Holidays!

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