Japan Restaurant Week in Madrid

I am super excited to be able to share with all you guys that Madrid has finally woven it’s way into the International Food Spotlight and is Atrapalo is hosting Japan Restaurant Week.


When I first moved to Madrid from New York City six years ago, I remember thinking how little international food they had here, and how expensive it was to go out for Sushi or Indian food.  But I definitely think in the past five to six years, Madrid has opened it’s doors to more immigrants and cultures and is welcoming all of the new international restaurants that are springing up everywhere.

Over the years in Madrid, I love participating in the tapas tours and the Feria de Tapas at the Palacio de Deportes, but this is the first time I have ever heard of Madrid celebrating some kind of food that is not Spanish food, which I think is really fabulous.

While living in NYC, I loved restaurant week, which was a week where participating restaurants offered fixed price menus for $25 or $35 dollars.  You can therefore imagine my excitement when I realized Atrapalo is offering Japan Restaurant Week in both Madrid AND Barcelona. I think this is an awesome opportunity for Spaniards and foreigners alike to take advantage of and eat some delicious Japanese food.


Japan Restaurant Week goes through Sunday October 27th, and you have to make reservations ahead of time HERE. There are several participating restaurants and each offers a specific fixed price menu for $25.  On the website, you can read reviews of each participating restaurant, see their fixed price menu options, and reserve your spot for lunch or dinner.  Be careful-some of the restaurants have limitations on when you can reserve, and go quickly, spots are filling up for weekend time slots!  ALSO keep in mind that IVA is not included in the menu price.

Having just got back from Japan last week, I actually didn’t get my fill of Japanese food, I was only there for two days for work rushing around, so I am super excited to practice my newly acquired language skills (this consisting of hello and thank you in Japanese HA) and chow down on some sushi this weekend! I hope everyone takes advantage of this and enjoys some Japanese food this weekend!


One response to “Japan Restaurant Week in Madrid

  1. This was a very refreshing article to read about. What a fun way to experience other cuisine. It is always interesting, to find out why, a certain region of the world and or a country’s geographic areas, have a specific “table setting” based on history, tradition and surrounding resources. Enjoy!

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