Tokyo Fashion Week: Né-Net

So here I am in Tokyo at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Tokyo is overwhelming large and crowded, and I am staying right in the center of things in the Shibuya area, which I kind of think is like Times Square on crack, zillions of people, noise, shops, music, etc. I am sure Japan has beautiful gardens and such but for now-my escape for the crowds in the Shibuya Hikarie Hall, where all the fashion is happening. I haven’t seen too much womenswear, we’ve really only been hitting the menswear shows, but I was able to see a unique designer today, Né-Net which creates both menswear and womenswear.

Né-Net makes sort of preppy clothes, very square lines and not super feminine, but I enjoyed the show.  They used a lot of trending silhouettes and fabrics like ombre, plaid, etc.  I am not sure this is my personal style, I probably would only wear a few select looks, or maybe pair one of the plaid pieces with a more basic look.  However,the show was fun and I loved their styling and design of the runway show, it was similar to someones living room!

Né-Net Tokyo10 Né-Net Tokyo11 Né-Net Tokyo12 Né-Net Tokyo13 Né-Net Tokyo14 Né-Net Tokyo19 Né-Net Tokyo20 Né-Net Tokyo21 Né-Net Tokyo23


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