MB Fashion Week Madrid: Sita Murt

Sita Murt has always been one of my favorites and this SS14 collection, though fairly basic, was nice.  It´s becoming clear that white IS the color for SS14.  Almost every look in every single show is either all white, or white with a touch of another color. In this case, it was a pale orange, which I liked.

The collection was basically knitwork, tied in with other fabrics in a subtle, delicate way.  Basically, the knitwork would be part of the dress, artfully sewn into another fabric like silk, polyester or chiffon.  The cuts on the backs of the dresses added extra detailing.  Minimalist but interesting.

The photos below are a few from backstage followed by most of the collection.

Sita Murt01 Sita Murt02 Sita Murt03 Sita Murt04 Sita Murt06 Sita Murt09 Sita Murt13 Sita Murt15 Sita Murt16 Sita Murt18 Sita Murt19 Sita Murt20 Sita Murt21 Sita Murt22 Sita Murt26 Sita Murt28 Sita Murt29 Sita Murt32 Sita Murt35 Sita Murt42 Sita Murt43 Sita Murt45 Sita Murt47 Sita Murt50 Sita Murt54


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