MB Fashion Week Madrid: Francis Montesinos

I knew this collection was going to be fab when the show opened with a backdrop of a giant rainbow, complete with a flamenco band playing and singing.  The first model walked the runway flamenco dancing, of course I immediately fell in love.  The womens line was super colorful, obviously inspired by flamenco with ruffles, silk, big skirts and colors.  I am not sure how wearable the line actually is, but it was so much fun to see, especially on a runway.  There was a small part when they even wore Carnival inspired costumes.  A lot of the lace and knits seemed hand-made/woven.  I was surprised and impressed to learn that in addition to clothing, Francis Montesinos also creates furniture, gift items, wine (I had actually tried the champagne before and LOVED it!) wedding dresses, perfume and more.  This man will soon take over the world!  Enjoy the photos, I hope they help to share the vibe on how fun the show was!

FM 1 FM2

Adore the boots!

Adore the boots!


My favorite look!

My favorite look!

FM11 FM12 FM13


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