MQ Vienna Fashion Week: Rotsaniyom

Rotsaniyom was part of the Bangkok Couture Fashion Showcase, which had four designers from Thailand take part in a fashion show.  My favorite for womenswear was definitely Rotsaniyom, which showed romantic, flowy designers.  The asian influence was very apparent, and the whole show had a soft, soothing feel to it. The models walked barefoot and looked rather dreamy and lovely.  I am not sure if the white dresses were takes on wedding dresses or what, but I really enjoyed them!

2013-09-12 22.05.20-1 2013-09-12 22.07.01 2013-09-12 22.08.49 2013-09-12 22.09.22 2013-09-12 22.10.34-2 2013-09-12 22.11.09 2013-09-12 22.12.43 2013-09-12 22.13.29 2013-09-12 22.14.09 2013-09-12 22.16.13-1


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