MB Fashion Week Madrid: Teresa Helbig

I fell in love with the Teresa Helbig line.  According to Teresa herself, the line was inspired by the Hamptons and Montauk (I could totally see Serena Vanderwoodsen or Emily Thorn wearing some of these outfits! So hamptons!)

Almost the entire line was white, with a splash of navy, gold metal accessories and black.  White is more than fine with me, in fact it´s my favorite summer color (who doesn´t love something that makes you look TANNER!).  So far the two runways  I have seen today have both featured tons of white…I hope the trend continues in the rest of the shows I will be seeing today, tomorrow and Monday.   Anyway I literally want to buy the entire Teresa Helbig line, it had some great 70´s style long floaty dresses.

Teresa Helbig 1 Teresa Helbig 8 Teresa Helbig 7 Teresa Helbig 6 Teresa Helbig 5 Teresa Helbig 4 Teresa Helbig 3 Teresa Helbig 2


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