MQ Vienna Fashion Week: Tiberius

Tiberius was a fabulous show, and not to mention the designer Marco, well I just wanted to hug him he was so passionate and kind!  Tiberius actually started 20 years ago as a fetish show, and has now grown into the more mainstream brand it is now, but still-leather use is rampant!!!  Anyway loved the show, the the Napoleon-esque hats just added a fun touch to everything.

2013-09-11 19.56.06-12013-09-11 19.45.27-1 2013-09-11 19.45.53 2013-09-11 19.47.36 2013-09-11 19.48.06 2013-09-11 19.49.18-2 2013-09-11 19.52.26 2013-09-11 19.53.33 2013-09-11 19.54.59


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