Beyonce ¨Mrs. Carter¨Concert in Milan

Last week I was able to attend the Beyonce concert in Milan.  The show was incredible!  I had a wonderful and she put on a fantastic concert.  She even sang a little bit of Whitney Houston!

Beyonce opened with Run the World and sang most of my favorites:  Single Ladies, Crazy in Love, and of course my number one favorite Freakum Dress.

I was so impressed with her costume changes as well…I think she probably had atleast eight different outfits.

Enjoy the photos!

2013-05-18 15.11.18 2013-05-18 21.15.50 2013-05-18 21.23.42 2013-05-18 21.28.14 2013-05-18 21.28.33 2013-05-18 22.10.17 2013-05-18 22.15.51 2013-05-18 22.18.50 2013-05-18 22.31.41 2013-05-18 22.42.38 2013-05-18 22.46.09 2013-05-18 22.46.12 2013-05-18 22.51.56


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