Ask Lori: How to Spice Up a Boring Ponytail?

My hair is quite long now and I am always struggling with trying to think of fun, creative new things I can do to style it.  I´ve always said I wanted my hair long again so I could do more things with it, but I too fall into the ¨braid, ponytail, hair down¨trap of always doing the same things with my hair.

I had a communion on Saturday and I wanted to add a little something to my ponytail without having a full on updo.  I didn´t want it to look like I was trying too hard, so I created an easy twist with just bobby pins, a brush, and a little hairspray to set it.  Here is a step by step to get your hair to look like this:

2013-04-27 11.01.54 Step 1:  Start with your hair straight, if you have curly hair, use a straightner to straighten it.

Step 2:  Brush out your hair so there are no knots and it´s smooth.

Step 3:  Bring your hair over one shoulder as if you were going to make a low ponytail.  Instead of securing it with a band, twist the hair inward towards your ear.

Step 4:  Once you´ve got it twisted, take a bobby pin and insert in towards the back of the twist. Continue inserting pins in the front and the back until it feels secure.

Step 5:  Spray the crap out of it with hairspray so it holds tight.  Keep an extra bobby pin or two in your purse just in case.

Tips: It´s better to do this on day old hair, meaning you´ve washed it the day before and not just before you are creating the twist.  ¨Dirty¨hair always holds style better.  Also, try to use bobby pins that are the same color as your hair so they are hidden better.  I used blond bobby pins and you can´t really see them at all.

Happy Twisting!


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