Edgy Bridal

Normally the words ¨edgy¨and ¨bridal¨are not found in the same sentence…but that´s pretty much the only way I can describe Vera Wang´s Spring 2014 Bridal Collection.

I personally never plan on wearing a giant white puffy dress if I do decide to have a wedding sometime, it´s just not my style.  I can´t pretend to be a princess for one day, because it´s just not who I am.  However, these ¨edgier¨looks, trimmed with black, do seem a bit more fun and exciting.  Still a bit princes-ey for my taste…but they do give me a bit of funky inspiration!

I guess it could be as simple as adding your own set of black gloves to a white wedding dress! In any case, Vera Wang´s collection shocked me and I must say, I do like it.  Below you can see my favorites from the collection.

What do you think? Do you like the dresses? Do you think they are wedding appropiate? Would you wear them!

VW 1 VW 3 VW2 VW4


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