The ¨Ups¨and Downs of Spring

So here I am, Friday afternoon, walking out the door to teach my last two private English classes off the day when I recieve the dreaded message every English teacher grows to hate: ¨sorry we are cancelling today¨.  The 24 hour rule does not apply in this country.  So, I walked back upstairs and begrudgingly began doing laundry, thinking about how the 46 euros I had just lost out on was a pair of new wedge shoes.

This, certainly a ´down´, would now affect one of my favorite spring ´ups´-shoe shopping!  So, in a tribute to being up high and on top this spring, here are some fabulous wedges I love.  Unfortunately, thanks to my cancellation, none will be seen on my feet…atleast not this weekend!

Enjoy…and for those of you who have an extra couple of euros in their pocket…go out and buy some wedges for spring!

Bohemin Wedge colorful wedge Julian Hakes Mojito Shoe Lachey Leopard Wedge Mint Green Perfect Me wedges Pastel Perfect Me Wedge Prada Platform Wedge


One response to “The ¨Ups¨and Downs of Spring

  1. Good stuff Lori!!

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