I am so tired of  the typical complaint, ¨my phone died¨…¨I have no battery…¨  It´s practically the story of my life and of many others, now that smart phones are common.  It happens constantly whether you have an Iphone, a blackberry, or in my case a Samsung Galaxy SIII.  Especially if you are on the go ALLLL the time like I am.

My lovely friend Rachel alerted me to this fabulous new discovery that I honestly feel is life changing.   It´s called Everpurse, and it´s basically a small purse that charges your phone.  No cables needed-you simply slip the phone into the purse (more of a clutch sized bag, pretty small) and it automtically connects to a charging dock at the bottom of the purse.  Later, you put your purse onto a charging pad to juice it up.  The bag has the capacity to charge your phone from dying to full battery TWO times until the purse itself has to be recharged.

This purse works with the following phones: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or Samsung Galaxy SIII.  (sorry blackberry gals!)

The bag comes with a crossbody strap or you can use is as a clutch.  It´s also small enough that you slip it into a larger bag as well.  However this invention does not come cheap.  The bags start at 189 USD.  Eek!  Pricey…but for some, it could be worth it!  To purchase, check out the Everpurse website.

Emerald Croc Pattern Leather 319 USD

Ruby Red Fabric 189 USD

Sapphire Leather 249 USD

Emerald croc pattern Everpurse Ruby Sapphire Leather Everpurse


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