MBFW Istanbul: Mehtap Elaidi

Istanbul is one of those cities that is suddenly trending throughout the world for different reasons.  It´s the new party destination, the new tourism capital and now it´s the hot spot for fashion.  I like that it´s new and not overexposed yet…it leaves space for new talent and designers to emerge.  And they are emerging.  MBFW Istanbul was smoking hot this year and I loved several designers looks.

Mehtap Elaidi has been designing since 2000 and has previously showed in Paris.  She has two stores in Turkey and also sells in various shops throughout  Lebanon, Morocco, France, USA, Dubai, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Her designs are streamlined and the orange adds a touch of fun to the otherwise grey, black and white color scheme.

mehtap elaidi 1 mehtap elaidi 2 mehtap elaidi 3 mehtap elaidi 4


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