Fitting Room 2013

Fitting Room 2013

This year Fitting Room returns to Madrid for it´s 9th edition on March 9th.  As always, it will be at the Petit Palace on Calle Jorge Juan 17 in Barrio Salamanca.   I am pretty bummed I won´t be able to attend as I have for the last 2 years, because I will be in Miami.  I guess I can´t complain!

Like past year, each room will feature a different designer showcasing their items which you can photograph, purchase, etc.

This year here are some of the participating vendors/designers are coming from as far as Mexico, Columbia, Singapore and Ukraine.  See list below:

Hunna, elSuso, Alilovesyou, L’imperatrice, Lamauri, Les Tulipes, Lolita Butterfly, Lupe Giraldo, Mamenchica, Manuel & Ariana, Pecadille, Selected Homme, Vila Clothes, Chic ’n’ Bossa, Clavenié, Ksenia Schnaider, Bikini by Theresa Benavides, Proyectokwarzo, L’entoilage.

For more information visit the Fitting Room Website.


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