MBFW Madrid: Backstage and My Looks

This year during MBFW Madrid it was raining and cold, and so it definitely limited my wardrobe and hairstyle choices for the 3 days of shows I attended.  I went with a wavy hair look to avoid frizz on straight hair and I wore tights to keep my gams warm in the cold.

Day 1:  ETAM blue silk shirt paired with H&M silk patterned shorts with Nina boots, Vintage Ring and Cole Haan bag.  Accomplied by the lovely Norma Galan of Papier de Norma.  Also I ran into my friend Fernando from dance class, looking distinguished as usual.

IMG_5322 IMG_5323 IMG_5329

Day 2:  Sfera shirt paired with Mango skirt with Jeffery Campbell shoes,Vintage Ring, Gucci glasses and Cole Haan Bag.  Accompanied by the lovely Paloma of The Berry Blues.


IMG_5601SM IMG_5610SM

Day 3: TOPSHOP shirt paired with H&M crochet shorts, Calvin Klein boots, Viceroy Ring, Dolce and Gabana glasses and Sigrid Olsen Bag.

SMIMG_6118 SMIMG_6119

I´d also like to post some of the photos I was able to take backstage, of my tickets, press pass, Cibelespacio and more.   This year fashion week was a total blast and I hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them!

xoxo! L


2 responses to “MBFW Madrid: Backstage and My Looks

  1. Amazing!!! Love your looks as you look awesome as always!!!
    It was so great to see you there! And I’m so jealous of your backstage pictures! I wish i could have been there!



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