Valencia Fashion Week XIV Highlights

With all the excitement at MBFW NYC, I almost forgot about Spain´s very own Valencia Fashion Week.  ´Tis the seaon of fashion, and of course everything always happens at once.

I often find it difficult to find photos of the catwalk for Valencia Fashion Week-it just doesn´t get the same coverage as a lot of the bigger city´s shows and events, but I was able to get my hands on a few, and here are some of my favorite looks.

In order, Dolores Molla, María Cozar Coture, Mesa Redonda, Miguel Vizcaino, Mompo, Patricia Adams.

All images taken from the Semana de la Moda de Valencia facebook page.

Dolores Molla Maria Cozar Couture 1 Mesa Redonda 1 Miguel Vizcaino 1 Mompo 1 Patricia Adams


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