Del Pozo Walks the MBFW NYC Runway!

Del Pozo has been one of my favorites since I saw their first official runway show in Madrid last fall.  It was just after Jesus del Pozo himself passed away and a new line, Del Pozo was created in his honor by Catalan designer Josep Font.

Fast forward to now and Del Pozo is walking the NYC runways, which are some of the most famous in the world.  Not bad, if I do say so myself.  Making spanish fashion accessible internationally was my goal with this website, so thanks Del Pozo for your assistance by showing your collection in NYC.  🙂

The line was absolutely breathtaking with its architectural plays on volume and some funky colors-I love when designers use bright green.  The designs were femine and girlish and was inspired by the Victorian Era.  Fashionistas in attendance were Olivia Palermo and the show took place in a Canoe Studio in Chelsea. (I actually attended a work event there several years ago!)

Enjoy!  The showstopper is the beige and green dress…not like you need me to point it out, speaks for itself!

Olivia Palermo at DelPozo Delpozo runway 4 Del Pozo runway 3 Delpozo runway 2 Del Pozo runway 1 delpozo-runway-fall-2013-mercedes-20130210-103651-580



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