MBFW NYC: Looks from Days 1 and 2

The giant blizzard on the east coast isn´t stopping New Yorkers from walking the runway.  Stilleto heights are still reaching all time highs and the only person who decided to show up in Uggs was Michael Kors.   Extra heating was installed in all tents and the only show postponed a few days was Marc Jacobs, due to delivery problems.  I suppose you can´t walk the runway without the collection!

In any case, NYC Fashion Week continues as plans!  It takes a lot to deter fashionistas!

Looks this season are dark and interesting.  So far I am seeing hoards of this black, transparent mesh like material, like a sheer black look which has worked its way into pants, dresses, shirts, and more.  Of course we are only a few days in so we´ll see what arises the rest of the week.  For now, enjoy these looks, the first one by Carmen Marc Valvo, followed by two looks by Herve Leger (am slightly confused by baseball cap but will let it slide just this once), then 2 looks by Mara Hoffman and finally 2 last looks by Jason Wu, one of my faves.

Carmen Marc Valvo 1 Herve Leger 1 Herve Leger 2 Jason Wu 1 Jason Wu 2 Mara Hoffman 1 Mara Hoffman 2



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