Beyonce…for H&M?

Beyonce HM

Rumor has it the Beyonce is the next celeb to create a collection for H&M.  Beyonce has been in the public eye quite a bit lately with her singing the National Anthem at the Presidental Inaguration, followed by her halftime show at the Superbowl and her recent announcement of her World Tour, Mrs. Carter. Not to mention possible Illuminati signs flashed?

Anyway just another story to add to the pile…she may or may not be designing a line for H&M.  Apparently one of her dancers tweeted something about a photo shoot in the Bahamas for Beyonce´s new line and then soon deleted it after realizing she wasn´t supposed to tweet said info.  TOO LATE!  Everybody knows now!

H&M has declined to comment on this matter.  What do you guys think? Will there be a an H&M collection by Beyonce? Will it be sassy? Bootylicious even?  Or urban like House of Dereon?

Photo Credit: Pink is the New Blog



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