La Moda es Sueño Fashion Exhibit

MODA ES SUENO 084small

La Moda es Sueño means ¨Fashion is a Dream¨ in English.   That´s a pretty fierce name and gives the expo a lot to live up to-which it did!  This exhibit was truly a dream!

The special exhibit paid homeage to iconic Spanish fashion designers by showcasing some of most famous and elaborate outfits in the Museo Cerrablo.  Sounds pretty routine, no?

It wasn´t.  If you  have ever been to the ¨Museo¨Cerrablo, it is an absolutely stunning, antique mansion/palace decorated with vintage items, luxurious fabrics, chandeliers, and spanish art.  The museum in itself is truly a sight for sore eyes.  The details are impecible. Here a couple of the pictures of the museum so you can get an idea of it´s beauty.

MODA ES SUENO 031small

MODA ES SUENO 030small

Then you add in fashion specifically chosen to ¨match¨the vibe of each specific room and it basically makes for a art and fashion lovers paradise.  I was in heaven!

I caught the exhibit on the last hour of the last day (sigh…procrastination!) and it is now over, but at least I can share my photos and experience with you if you weren´t able to see it yourself.  I hope the photos do it justice! Designers and details come after the photos.

MODA ES SUENO 006small MODA ES SUENO 008small MODA ES SUENO 010small MODA ES SUENO 012small MODA ES SUENO 019small MODA ES SUENO 025small MODA ES SUENO 029small MODA ES SUENO 032small MODA ES SUENO 036small MODA ES SUENO 039small MODA ES SUENO 051small MODA ES SUENO 054small MODA ES SUENO 056small MODA ES SUENO 057small MODA ES SUENO 059small MODA ES SUENO 060small MODA ES SUENO 065small MODA ES SUENO 066small MODA ES SUENO 068small MODA ES SUENO 071small MODA ES SUENO 076small MODA ES SUENO 078small


In order of appearance, the designers of the items below:

Hannibal Laguna 2010 (long with pink flowers)

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada 2010 (short, pink and draped)

Ana Locking 2012 (long white silk pleated floral)

Lydia Delgado 2012 (short cocktail dress, various colors)

Jesus del Pozo 2005 (goldish long silk and organza with broken pleats)

Lemoniez 2009 (black and white sequined short dress that was inspired by Iván Zuleta.  Took 350 hours to create the design on the dress)

Joseph Font 2008 (Long white dress with flowers, duck feathers and Swarovski crystals)

Paco Robanne 1999 (white short metallic dress with gold)

Maya Hansen 2011 (Corset and and skirt with faces)

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada 2008 (multicolor)

Manolo Blanhik shoes

Miguel Palacio 2011 (Black dress with circles)

Roberto Toretta 2012 (navy blue black business suit)

GROUP of  2 black and 1 white dress: (Andres Sarda 2012 White long with ruffles, on the right (Balenciaga 1967 black) and on the left (Sybilla 1996 black)

Carmen March 2007 (Blue cocktail silk taffeta dress)

Elio Berhanyer 1971 ( Orange silk suit)

José Castro 2009 (white tulle and organza short dress)

Roberto Verino 2012 (black cocktail dress with Swarovski crystals)

Hannibal Laguna 2008 (black long velvet with sequins and Swarovski crystals)

Devota y Lomba 2008 (yellow cocktail dress with triangle volume)

Teresa Helbig 2008 (cocktail dress with tulle bottom, creme with floral aplique and velvet black belt)

Pertegaz 1959 (floral cocktail dress, which is normally featured in the Museo del Traje in Madrid)









2 responses to “La Moda es Sueño Fashion Exhibit

  1. Beautiful dresses and truly does look like a dream!

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