Trending Topic: Fashion + Food!

GastroFestival madrid

Madrid´s annual GastroFestival is coming up and this year, it´s not just all about food, it´s about fashion too!

What a splendid idea, combining my two favorite things, food and fashion!  The festival will take place from Jan. 19th to Feb. 3.  There is a large variety of activities such as films about food, tapas routes throughout the city, wine and coffee tastings and much more.  But what I am most excited about this year is the GastroFashion section.

The Gastro Fashion is split into two categories.  The first category is Menus by Elle.  Basically, Elle Magazine has collaborated with twenty of Madrid´s trendiest restaurants in order to create special tasting menus that will cost approximately 30 euros a person.

For example, Luzi Bombon, one of the hottest spots in Madrid, offers the following menu:


Entrantes, a elegir

Strigoli con rúcula, tomate, piñones y mozzarella

Ensalada de canónigos, frutos secos y parma
Segundos, a elegir

Hamburguesa, mozzarella y tomate seco

Pollo de corral

Tartar de atún con guacamole
Postre, a elegir

Helados variados

Tarta de chocolate y dulce de leche

Marqués de Murrieta reserva, Pazo de Barrantes.
Precio: 35 euros + IVA.

Menú disponible al mediodía, de lunes a viernes

YUM!  Other participating restaurants include Bar Tomate, Eccola Kitchen Bar, and Vintage Lounge, just to name a few.

The other part of GastroFashion is the boutiques.  Various Spanish designers will be offering interesting food and drink related opportunities within their shops for customers.

For example, Roberto Verino will be putting together a window and shop display entirely related to wine.  Clients will be able to do wine tasting in the store as well. Sign me up!

Angel Schlesser will be creating a display related to organic fruits and vegetables.  Not as fabulous as wine, but I´ll take it!

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada will be creating a special display called ¨Agatha´s Table¨where customers can sample different foods typical of Madrid.

There are more exciting and ¨tasty¨opportunities from Custo Barcelona, Lemoniez, and more.

Bón Appetit!


One response to “Trending Topic: Fashion + Food!

  1. I will definitely be taking advantage of this!! Thanks for the heads up!

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