Jean Paul Gaultier´s Fashion Universe

I finally had the opportunity to pop into the the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit and I was beyond impressed by what I encountered.  Last year I saw a YSL exhibit in the same space and loved it, and the Gaultier exhibit literally blew me away.

Seeing the designs up close in itself is a guilty pleasure.  His designs are not what I would consider beautiful… weird, creepy or strange are a better fit, but none the less-stunning and fabulous.

The unexpected part of the exhibit was that all the manniquins actually have FACES.  Created by a hologram, they have eyes that move, open and close, and even stare you down.  Their mouths smile and sometimes even talk.  I have never seen anything like this before and it truly added to the shock value of the showcase.

Parisian flavour is what also helps give Jean Paul Gaultier his signature look, among other inspirations.   Note the Eiffel Tower tights, heels and the Moulin Rouge inspired dress.


The exhibit is over on the 6th of January so I high recommend trying to stop in and see it.  It´s 100 percent worth your time and only takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour to see it all.  Best of all…it´s free! I considered this the best free gift I´ve gotten in a while.

Enjoy the pics and see my previous post on the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit for more details, hours, etc.



2 responses to “Jean Paul Gaultier´s Fashion Universe

  1. So loved the Bridal gown and headdress! Beautiful!

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