La Abadía del Perfume

Feeling happy? Smug?  Curious? Angry?  Take your emotion and reflect in your own personal perfume.  Studies show that different smells are attractive to you depending on your mood.  So technically, you should have a different perfume for different emotions.  And now  you can!  It´s possible to design your very own perfume here in Madrid to reflect what you are feeling.  Just a few weeks ago ¨La Abadía de Perfume¨ opened their doors here in Madrid, after having previous success with their shops in Paris and London.

The shopper will have an active part in choosing their scent.  And not just choosing the scents-you can even select the name, the bottle and the tag on the perfume.

Additionally, cosmetics and home fragrances available for purchase.

I can´t wait to stop in and create my own fragrance.  Of course, you´ll be hearing all about it!


La Abadía de Perfume

Calle Hermosilla 90




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