Best of Madrid: La Colonial de Ultramar: Té, Café y Chocolate

One of my favorite tiny boutiques in Madrid is a tea, chocolate and coffee shop ¨La Colonial de Ultramar¨.  Every fall when the weather becomes blustery and cool-I know it´s time to pay them a visit.

Upon entering, I first take a deep breath in and am greeted with aromas of warmth and herbs, spices, coffee and more.  The ambiance is soothing and relaxing, usually with soft music like Norah Jones  slowly whispering in the background.

The store has a great selection of coffee but since I have my nespresso machine, I only buy the tea these days.  The staff is welcoming and friendly and speaks wonderful english just in case your spanish is sub par.  You explain, more or less what you are looking for… and they will guide you, opening large, red cannisters filled with loose teas and letting you sniff.  They have over 200 varieties of tea ranging from chocolate mint to peach to caramel-pretty much anything you could ever want in a tea, they´ve got it.

I usually end up buying green tea, some of my favorites are the Green Tea with Cinnamon Almonds and the Green Tea with yogurt, rasberries, cranberries, and blackberries.  They also have chocolate and tea/coffee accessories like mugs, pots, etc.

I highly recommened this shop.  I am not a ¨winter¨person, I hate cold weather but this little gem of a store helps to greatly improve my winters…just a short stop gives a boost to my otherwise cold and blustery winter day!  Not to mention the comfort of later sipping my happily purchased teas all winter long.

They don´t have a website but the information to visit is below.  It´s not cheap, a bag of about 400 grams of tea will cost you 5 euros.  And it´s worth every penny.

La Colonial de Ultramar

C/ Alcántara 48
91 401 83 70
Metros: Lista, Manuel Becerra, Diego de Leon
Hours: M-F 10:30-2:00, 5:00-8:30
S: 10:30-2:00

One response to “Best of Madrid: La Colonial de Ultramar: Té, Café y Chocolate

  1. I think I have a green tea from there – it is excellent!

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