Glamour Shopping Party

It´s about that time…the time of year when I´ve gone through all my fall and winter wardrobe essentials and decided I don´t have nearly enough to wear this season.  Lucky for me, Thursday, Novemeber 15th is the Glamour Shopping Party, which gives me several discounts and options to add a boost to my lagging fall collection of clothes etc.

Glamour is throwing this event to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of the magazine in Spain.  From 7-12 in the evening, participating stores offer discounts, drinks, free gifts and all sorts of fun things for shoppers to participate in.  I myself would like to visit Dayaday, Nice Things, Hakei, and Mango.  You can seem some of the other stores featured in the photo, but for a complete list of stores and promotions, you have to purchase the Novemeber issues of the magazine, currently available at newstands and kiosks.   The magazine comes with a listing of everything you need to know as well as a small card you take with you when you shop.

Happy Shopping!


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