New Fall Purchase: Studded Boots

I have been frantically searching for a new pair of boots, as my favorite, urban, sort of funky looking pair was starting to become truly distressed (not fashionably distressed, I mean the sole separating from boot…).  I wanted something brownish, grayish, but not dark brown-something I could also wear with black.

I searched several stores, including Hakei, where I was left in the dust.  Finally walking home I noticed this boots, only 45 euros, in the window display of a small boutique near my house.   They are studded with a cross and a great brownish color with a black sole-perfect to match with any color.  I wanted something a bit more classic (who knows how long the studded trend will last for) but for 45 euros-who cares! I will be thrilled if they last me the season.  The funny thing is-they are much more comfortable than the 150 euro pair I tried on at Hakei.  They have a nice, solid sole which I like as well-I tend to give my boots a lot of wear and tear, as well as trudging them through rain, snow, mud, etc.

Another added bonus…they are made in Spain.  I think supporting locally is fabulous-unfortunately- almost everything I own is made in China.  Now I am not going to boycott buying things made in China but it´s nice to know I can afford to purchase and support things made here in Spain.

Check them out, as well as other purses, shoes and clothes at:

Date Un Capricho

Calle Ortega y Gasset, 61 Madrid

Monday-Saturday 11 am to 8 pm


One response to “New Fall Purchase: Studded Boots

  1. These boots would have been amazing to wear on my Trail Dust Ranch adventure!!

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