Sita Murt Bloggers Night

Sita Murt, one of my favorite Spanish designers, hosted a bloggers night September 20th to introduce the 2012-2013 fall collection ¨Jazz Society¨ in their shop on Calle Jorge Juan in Madrid.

My friend Heather, who I can credit for taking all of these wonderful photographs that are posted today, joined me.


I was excited to attend the event because I had really enjoyed not only the collection I saw on Fashion Night Out at the Calle Claudio Coello store, but I found the girls working there to be very friendly and helpful and interactive, which is rare for a designer goods shop. Usually they give you dirty looks and watch you like a hawk in stores like this, but not in Sita Murt.  They are all smiles here!

The store is merchandised nicely-not a lot of extras, just a clear, simple shopping experience.  Very loft-like, New York City Style.

The night began with an explanation of the fall collection.  Lirios, one of the Sita Murt Valencia team, went through several of the looks (many which were featured on the runway last February in Madrid´s Fashion Week) and talked about the fabrics, colors, silhouettes, etc.  She explained the inspiration for the line was the 1920´s, and many of the style had a romantic silhouette with a masculine edge.  Other featured trends included lots of knitwear, and the mixing of different fabrics, like knit and silk, for example.


This vest, a combo a knit and silk, was also in a dress, long sleeved shirt and short sleeved shirt.   This fabric combination made for one of my favorites in the collection.  Here is the long sleeved shirt and a closeup of the silk and knit.

The used a lot of patterns as well, and featured a lot of cobalt blue, teal, orange and khaki.


Lirios also talked about how each item was for multi use-you could take a dressand pair it with heels for a wedding, and then put a blazer over it with wedges for work, and wear it with a knit grandpa sweater and biker boots on a Saturday afternoon stroll.


I think that designers creating items like this are smart and integrated with what is going on in the world right now.  Many countries in the world are in a severe economic recession (INCLUDING Spain) and so creating fashionable designs that can be worn in several different ways and combinations is a wonderful idea, as people may not have as much to spend as they would have in the past.

For example, this reversible trench coat-a ¨normal¨khaki trench coat on one side, grey jersey on the other!  With suede brown lining for an added edge.  Two coats for the price of one!


Not only did I adore the collection, especially their knitwear, I found it to be very wearable, which I have always said about Sita Murt´s designs.  I could take clothes that walked that runway and wear them, which isn´t always the case in high fashion.  I was also extremely impressed and the kindness and helpfulness of the girls working there. It´s obvious that they are passionate about clothes and they love working for Sita Murt.  They were so much fun to chat with and I found myself thinking, I could be friends with these girls-they are fantastic!

It just goes to show that real women wear Sita Murt, you don´t have to be rich or perfect or a model.  It´s a down to earth, comfortable shopping experience with you will be helped immediately by normal, kind people to find beautiful, well-made clothing.


Me wearing an incredibly soft fur coat, a knitwear detail closeup, and a wonderful ¨cuello¨that Heater tried on.

For more information, visit the Sita Murt website.

Also, I was lucky enough to get to know a few bloggers, Agnes writer of ´From Here to Fashion´ and Paloma from The Berry Blues.  Both really great girls with amazing blogs!  Check them OUT!


4 responses to “Sita Murt Bloggers Night

  1. Hello girls!!! Lovely post!!! And thank you for mentioning me! It was a wonderful night and I hope to see you soon!! Great blog! I will totally recommend it in mine!!!

    Lots of kisses


  2. Hola Lori:
    Soy Vanessa una de las chicas Sita Murt, como te comenté te sigo en bloglovin y bueno te he estado buscando por facebook pero no te encuentro, estamos en contacto para lo que necesites o para eventos en los que podamos coincidir. Por cierto, buen post sobre el evento bloggers night.
    Muchas gracias.
    Un saludo.

    • Hola Vanessa, Pues me alegro mucho que te gusta el blog y he pasado genial el otro dia en Sita Murt. Tengo un Twitter, @stylemadrid si me quieres seguir. Estamos en contacto! 🙂

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