Fab New Place to Tapear

I spotted the new restaurant Morao Tapas the other day when I was shopping.  I went back to investigate, of course, and loved it.  The chain is owned by Wagaboo, though is apparently much cheaper.

I shared some rioja wine, huevos rotos with jamon, a small hamburger with goat cheesee and carmelized onions, and the bruschetta, and though it wasn´t hearty, it filled us up.  For all the food and 4 glasses of red wine, it came to 20 euros for 2 people. As you can also see via the menu below, the prices are quite reasonable, especially for sitting outside in Barrio Salamanca.

My favorite part about the place is the decoration. It´s cute and has a very nice terrace space right on Calle Velazquez.  I only sat on the terrace on a sunday evening, so I would like to see what the indoor ambiance is like on a Thurs-Fri-Sat night.



Interior of Restaurant

Velazquez 40
tlfm: 91431 34 31



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