Fashion Night Out Madrid

Fashion Night Out Madrid was a huge success this year in my opinion.  I had a total blast with friends and met some very interesting people.  Basically I just enjoyed people watching, having a few drinks and of course seeing all the new fall merchandise.  The highlight of the evening for me was the smaller boutiques.  I think from now on- I will 0nly be visiting these smaller stores during FNO then the larger, crowded franchised shops.

I have a lot of photos from the event so enjoy viewing them below!

Juicy Couture hair and makeup stand

My friend Heather sporting her new kicks from Zara

Random old school car driving around

I first started at Hugo Boss where I had some cocktails with friends. I specifically chose one with tequila, brown sugar and chili pepper to get a little spice!

Cocktail glasses ready and waiting at Hugo Boss

Sita Murt is one of my favorite designers here in Madrid . I love seeing the runways at fashion week and the boutique in Madrid is crisp and welcoming.   The girls working were extremely friendly and spoke excellent English.  We were offered champagne as we browsed the designs, which was nice.  I will definitely be back here!


Next I spotted these cool boots in the boutique of Ashitalia.  Love the urban style!


I often received press updates from Dolores Promesas, and I was finally able to stop into the store and was impressed.  The boutique is cute and whimsical, and I will be back!


Next stop was Jotatge.  They had some fun stuff in there.  And great music pumping!


We then wandered into Teria Yabar which was utterly fabulous and deserves its very own post, so stay tuned.

Finally, we ended up the even at Poete, which was lively and very well merchandised.  They were making cotton candy outside the store, which drew a small crowd.  The shop is small but I did really like a lot of what they had for sale-including their dresses and bucket handbags.


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