Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: My Looks

Obviously when you are going to all of these fabulous fashion shows, you need to look stylish and right on point.  Of course I can´t compete with all the girls in designer duds, but I do the best I can on a smaller budget-that´s really what it´s all about, right?  Looking good for a great price!  So below you can see my 3 days worth of fashion looks and of course my friends´s looks as well.


I went to two shows in the morning and this is what I wore.  The navy slip dress is new, I bought it in a frenzy Thursday afternoon when I realized I had NOTHING TO WEAR to fashion week.  (May have a been a slight possible exaggeration but whatever I love the dress so it´s ok).  I paired it with my Sigrid Olsen gold purse (gotta have a large purse to fit the camera, the laptop, etc) and wedge shoes from a boutique down the block from me, Nuevas Tentaciones. I wore my hair back to show off the sheer top of the dress, where the shoulders are.

Later in the afternoon I went back for a 4:30 pm show and I figured it to be appropriate to change into stilleto heels (feels wrong to wear 6 inch heels at 10 am…after 12 pm it seemed more appropriate) so I changed out the wedges for my snakeskin Jimmy Choos.

My friend Elise joined me for a few shows as well, and she looked fab in her green Mango dress and BCBG booties.


I wore another dress I purchase in a tizzy from Mango, this time a cobalt blue, and paired with a teal Cole Haan purse and Kors by Michael Kors shoes.



Heather joined me, wearing a lovely orangey-red dress and brown wedges.  I loved her bag-she found it a random boutique in Spain.

I ran into my friend Laura, who looked fabulous as well-here´s a shot of the two of us.


I realized today that all of my looks this year were very ¨blue¨.  It was unplanned of course, just happened to be that way.  Since it was Sunday I felt like bringing a little more of a casual look in, so I wore skinny jeans with a blue transparent top I bought at H&M.  I paired it with Zara wedges and my snakeskin bag from El Corte Ingles.


5 responses to “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: My Looks

  1. LOVE the Zara wedges and absolutely LOVE your Kors!!
    Keep the posts coming!!

  2. You look fantastic!!!

  3. You look great! And your time at Fashion Week looks like so much fun!

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