Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid: Cibelespacio

Cibelespacio is the area surrounding the two large rooms the fashion shows are housed in.  This year Cibelespacio was a bit different, they had some new acts come along, including the Canary Islands Stand and a new design of the EGO  booths. There was also a trampoline display at the Cosmo stand and a few other fun things like a wind machine at Glamour.  I always have fun there, and end up with great free gifts and lots of magazines.  Of course, I entered a contest to win a free trip to the Canary Islands.  They even had a frozen yogurt stand this year, which I clearly sampled. Yum.

I was also invited to enter the ¨Kissing Room¨which is the VIP room people go to have drinks in after the shows are finished.  It was a nice experience, they had interested drinks like peach mojitos and beer mixed with sambuca in champagne glasses.






Laura and I enjoying the Cosmo Trampoline display!


Laura and I enjoying the wind machine at the Glamour stand

The new and improved Ego display




The Kissing Room VIP area

Hannibal Laguna being interview in the kissing room


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