Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid: Fall 2012 Edition

It´s coming…faster than you than you think…fall fashion week is starting in AUGUST this year!  I am actually still on holiday but I wanted to get the schedule up so everyone knows that it´s coming, and it´s coming soon!  The shows commence on Thursday, August 30th, which Jesus Del Pozo´s successor creating the new line ¨Del Pozo¨.  The shows end Sept. 4th with The Ego shows, which are young,  up and coming designers.

I am wondering how this is going to take off, as traditionally Madrid is a ghost town until early September…some of the best designers such as Roberto Verino are showing Friday August 31st!  Will you be at the beach, or in the front row?????

In any case, I will be back from vacation and am very exciting to start the fall off with fashion week and I hope you are all too!  Below I have the schedule to check out, just click on the link.

Also…stay tuned…alot of new and fantastic updates coming from Life and Style Madrid starting in September!

2012 Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week Madrid Calendar



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