Banana Republic Designs for Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Airlines has hired none other than Banana Republic to design their new uniforms.  Since Virgin Atlantic is, ahem, the ¨cool¨airlines, it´s fitting that they´d have something a little sassier than your typical frumpy stewardess suit.

And cool it is!  The men will be stylishly outfitted in leather jackets, striped sweaters and lined mac coats, while the ladies sport pencil skirts, trench coats, silk scarves and their own leather outerwear.  Sexy!

The line will debut August 8th and be worn by over 2000 crew and airport members.  The color scheme, as you can see below, is a flashy red, black and white.

You can even buy similar styles yourself at Banana Republic.  The shop will be creating a line of airline inspired styles, of course not exact replicas of the crew uniforms, for security reasons, but if you want to look like a bossy flight attendent, you´ll be able to through Banana Republic.

I did a little research and unbeknownst to me, who frequents airlines like: Delta, American, Iberia, EasyJet, and Ryanair, there ARE other airlines who are going the designer route for uniforms.  For example, Korean Airlines wears uniforms created by designer Gianfranco Ferre.  Delta, you next perhaps? A little Ralph Lauren, maybe some Michael Kors?



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